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June 25, 2010

Bill Lunde


Q. Good shooting today, 7-under 63, and I guess you had a birdie, bogey early, but way to get it kick-started with two eagles on a couple of holes.
BILL LUNDE: Right. Right. That's something on this golf course on the Back 9 you got some opportunities to make some eagles and make a lot of birdies, like I said, it's nice to get off to a quick start. So kind of kept the momentum going for the round.

Q. Tell us about the two eagles, the second one was a chip-in, right?
BILL LUNDE: Yeah, yeah. The first one was a par-5, drove it right on the green and probably made a 20-footer, maybe a little more, kind of straight up the hill.
And then 15, drove it just left pin high of the green, which actually was perfect, straight uphill to the pin and was close enough to chip it in. So like I said, it was a great start to the round.

Q. Tell us about your season. Finished 34 in San Diego.
BILL LUNDE: Yeah. It's been kind of a slow year, you know. At times I felt like I was this close to playing well and seems like I would take a couple steps back, but the game of golf that's part of it. You're never that far off. Sometimes it feels like you are, but you're never that far off.
All in all I'm just glad to play a couple solid rounds of golf and look forward to a good weekend.

Q. I was going to say, what's been the key for you these first couple of rounds?
BILL LUNDE: You know, I haven't been making a lot of birdies. Some days I'd drive it well, wouldn't hit my irons well, some days I'd hit my irons good and wouldn't hit the driver well.
So it was just kind of one piece every day that's kind of keeping me from scoring, but more than anything, just I was able to make some birdies out there, which you have to do, and mostly I've only been making three birdies a round, but you gotta play mistake-free golf to stay at the top.

Q. So what have you been up to? Near the top as you head into Saturday.
BILL LUNDE: You know, I'm just looking forward to it. I feel like I'm playing good finally, which is a good feeling. But looking forward to going out, try to keep the momentum going and have a good weekend.

Q. Great stuff today. Good luck out there. You gotta love you had a nice round of 7-under.
BILL LUNDE: Right, right. Yeah, it's good to get close because the scoring is low and you gotta kind of keep the pedal down and keep pressing, but for me it was a good round. It's been kind of a slow year, so it's good to be playing well and have a good round. Looking forward to this weekend.

Q. How do you feel in the position? Is this kind of a new spot for you?
BILL LUNDE: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm just looking forward to it because I feel like I'm playing well and I had a good couple of rounds here, and I've been in position before on the top. So more than anything I'm just glad to be in the lead, be playing well. So that's what I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Have you ever eagled two or three holes before and what does that do for your confidence?
BILL LUNDE: Right. I don't know if I've eagled two or three holes or not. Maybe two in a round. But out here, you know what, it was just -- I started on the Back 9, so it just got me off to a quick start, got the momentum going early and tried to keep it going and I was able to do that, so more than anything it was just nice to get off to a quick start.

Q. Justin Rose said he is going to go home and get his mind off of it and play with his son. He's 14-under. What do you do to try to relax and keep your mind off it?
BILL LUNDE: Just going to have some lunch, maybe practice a little bit, not much, but more just relax. We were out here pretty late last night and up early this morning, so game felt good, so I'm not going to beat my head against the wall practicing too much, so just have some lunch and kind of enjoy the afternoon and look forward to the weekend.

Q. Thank you.

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