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June 25, 2010

Matt Jones


Q. 3-under par 67. Talk about that round.
MATT JONES: Yeah. Got a lot out of my game today. Not the most confident with how I'm hitting it off the tee, but putting well. Other than one three-putt.

Q. Very solid open round, a 65 yesterday, a 67 today to put you at 8-under par for the tournament. As well as you're playing, I assume you looked at the leaderboard out there and saw what Justin Rose is doing, and you're like, gosh, I'm six shots back from the guy who's first place. He's really tearing it up.
MATT JONES: Yeah. He must be playing well. 62 today is rather impressive. It's out there. If you're hitting the ball well enough and these greens are rolling very nicely, the greens are soft, so you can stop the ball close to the hole. So there will be some low scores this afternoon as well.

Q. Matt, we wish you the best the rest of the way.
MATT JONES: Thank you.

Q. First impressions on the round today.
MATT JONES: It was a battle, but I got a lot out of my round today. 3-under today was good.
Could have been better, but it could have been worse, too, so to get out of there with being 8-under total is a good round.

Q. Third place, but at the same time it's six shots back, and there's usually a big log jam at the leaderboards. How do you like your position at this point?
MATT JONES: It's fine. I mean I might be in third now, but at the end of the day I'll probably be in eighth. I mean there's going to be some low scores this afternoon. It's out there to be had.
So I mean I'll be playing late tomorrow afternoon, hopefully, and with two rounds to go, if I can shoot 14-under the next two rounds, I'll be fine.

Q. How much easier did the course play today this morning than yesterday afternoon?
MATT JONES: It was breezier yesterday afternoon, but today the greens rolled a little better, and the greens are very receptive to a good shot out there, so if you can just get it off the tee, you can attack any pin you want to.

Q. Thank you.

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