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June 25, 2010

Justin Rose


Q. Justin, eight birdies today, no bogeys. You like five in a row, don't you? You had five birdies in a row yesterday on the back side, same thing again today.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean I got out of the blocks beautifully today, par, then five birdies. I mean exactly the same as yesterday pretty much on the back side.
So just a matter of staying out of my way at the moment. I mean everything's playing nicely, reading the greens well, stroking the ball well. So you know, it's going for me right now, you know what I mean?
So like I said, just stay out of my way, stay calm, stay patient as well at the same time, and one hole at a time.

Q. Seems like you've been getting it in tight to the flags. I think the longest putt on that birdie binge was about 10 feet, 5 feet, 8 feet. Has that been a big key for you these first two rounds?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. I feel like you can get it close to the flag a lot around this golf course, but you know, making those 8-, 10-footers is key. It's pretty easy to hit the edges, miss those putts, you know, and then you just sort of try to press. But when you're making the 8-, 10 footers, you can always aim three yards left of the flag stick and not short side yourself and make sort of careless bogeys.
So when you do feel like you're putting well, it's easy to be slightly more conservative with your approaches, but you know, you often take bogey out of the equation when you do that.

Q. You said yesterday you hadn't practiced much coming in here, kind of didn't know what was going to happen. Are you surprised at all that you've been playing so well?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think I'm thinking well more than anything. It's still -- I wouldn't say I'm flushing it right now. It's funny, I'm hitting it on the fairways and then from there I think I'm choosing the right shots at the right time. Club selection has been pretty good.
I think my feel is good right now. So when I have a decent look, I'm getting it in with my feel pretty close, but there's still a couple things that hopefully I can keep clicking and getting better as the weekend goes on. That doesn't necessarily mean score wise, just hopefully I can just keep thinking good.
You know, I feel like my mid to long irons could be a little bit better, but luckily you don't need a lot of those around this golf course. That's the good news.

Q. 14-under. Thoughts on the weekend, though.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. I mean obviously I have a fairly good chance of leading, obviously. I mean there were some good scores yesterday in the morning, so a lot of guys are going to go out and play on the 6-under mark.
So I anticipate probably leading by, I don't know, two or three, I would imagine. So doesn't mean much. Same as I did today, I said last night, just come out tomorrow first hole of the day, just clear thinking, committed golf shots and take it another day at a time.

Q. Justin, well done. Good luck on the weekend.
JUSTIN ROSE: Thanks, appreciate it.

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