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June 25, 2010

Steve Elkington


Q. Steve, nicely done. Just keeping moving it forward, moving it forward.
STEVE ELKINGTON: Yeah. I've always enjoyed coming up and playing this course and getting out of the heat in Texas, up in this nice cool weather, certainly great golf weather. And people have always supported this event well, and it's a nice place to come and play golf.

Q. I talked to Scotty McCarron and Jay Williamson a few minutes ago. 6:50 was a little early in the morning. That wakeup call a little early today?
STEVE ELKINGTON: Yeah. It was, but once you got moving around, it was a great time to play, you know.
Yesterday we probably got the worst end of it with the rain delay and all that, but I think we got it back this morning.

Q. The early start, do you have any issues getting the motor running? Some of us over 40 do.
STEVE ELKINGTON: I'm an early riser, so it doesn't really bother me. Those guys, McCarron and Williamson like to sleep till about 10:30 if it's a day off. I gotta ring them at about 10:00 to get them up.

Q. The veteran players play so well here, and not only like I said, does it have anything to do with the length of the course. I think it has to do with that this course has to be learned, doesn't it?
STEVE ELKINGTON: Maybe. It's a bit of experience. There's a few tricky shots, and it's a good course because it has a lot of -- there's a lot can happen. There's a couple of eagle holes on the Back 9, and then you've really gotta hit really good shots the last couple of holes. There's a lot going on around here.
You see a guy like Corey Pavin, who's not the longest hitter, he's always done well here, so that tells you right there that it takes some experience.

Q. And like you said, those eagle holes can be double bogey holes, too. You saw it yesterday.
STEVE ELKINGTON: True. Anything can happen around here, yeah.

Q. Your game, you're making a lot of cuts, you're cashing a lot of checks. You kind of got things going.

Q. You need to be there on Sunday. Is that the next step?
STEVE ELKINGTON: Yeah. Yeah. I've got a little stretch of golf here four weeks in a row, so this is a good start of it, so I'd like to try to keep doing what I'm doing.
My swing's good. I've got my putting touch down pretty good. So just see what happens.

Q. That's been the issue, just giving enough starts, getting enough consistent starts?
STEVE ELKINGTON: No. I've played plenty of golf. It's just -- it's not easy playing down in Texas and Memphis and those places when it's so hot. You know, I tend to do a bit better once I get up north here where it's not 110.

Q. Good run. Go get them this weekend.

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