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June 24, 2010

Nicolas Mahut


J. ISNER/N. Mahut
6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68

THE MODERATOR: Evening, ladies and gentlemen. Due the circumstances, just a couple of quick questions in England and then we'll move into French.

Q. How would you describe the match that you had and your thoughts on why it took so long?
NICOLAS MAHUT: Do you have time (smiling)?
I don't know. This is just a match I will never forget. I hope the people who watched the match will think the same.
At this moment, it's really painful.

Q. Would you elaborate? What's painful about it?
NICOLAS MAHUT: The loss. I mean, I lost this match. I just wanted to win. Was just better than me. Really painful to lose this kind of match.

Q. Do you take a sense of pride in having competed this hard and this long even though you did lose?
NICOLAS MAHUT: Yeah, ask me tomorrow I will probably say yes. Tonight, it's really difficult.

Q. You showed a lot of commitment in your match today. Would you have liked to see the French football team show an equal level of commitment to that?
NICOLAS MAHUT: (No response.)
Q. Were you aware of the huge interest and respect for you? To many people you're a hero. Secondly, assuming if your ranking doesn't go up by next year, will you apply for a wild card for Wimbledon?
NICOLAS MAHUT: I mean, next year is very far. I had already a wild card last year.

Q. Were you aware of the huge buzz?
NICOLAS MAHUT: No, I didn't know. I hope it was the same in France.

Q. How do you want people to remember this match and what you did in it?
NICOLAS MAHUT: I just want them to remember that we were just two big fighters, and one of them just won.

Q. John said the match was like a dream. It had its own rhythm, its own feeling. What were your feeling as the match went on and on and on yesterday? What was within you?
NICOLAS MAHUT: It's tough to explain. I was just trying to -- you know, I was behind all the match. Every time I was serving to stay in the match.
I just try to win the game, just to win the point I was playing. That's it. Again and again, every time the same.

Q. You feel very sad now. Is there something within you that is proud of your performance?
NICOLAS MAHUT: Yeah, maybe ask to someone else. For now, I don't think about this. I mean, you will talk maybe better than me about what you saw. I just played.

Q. What are your thoughts about John right now?
NICOLAS MAHUT: He's a champion. He served unbelievable. Every time I was that close to break him, he just serves aces, aces, bomb. I could not do anything. I tried very hard, but he was just too good.

Q. Do you think the two of you will now have an affinity for the rest of your playing careers and long into your retirement?
NICOLAS MAHUT: That's for sure, yes.

Q. Do you not want the match tomorrow to go on late? Are you tired of leaving Court 18 at dusk?
NICOLAS MAHUT: To be honest, I'm feeling great. Maybe surprised, but I'm feeling great. Just want to come back on Court 18 and win this time.

Q. We asked John what he did after last night when he went off court, what sort of food he got, what massage or treatment he got, then what time he went to bed. Can we ask you the same thing and how you slept?
NICOLAS MAHUT: I didn't sleep so much. Like three hours or something. I had massage. I took a cold bath. Then, I don't know, I ate some pasta or something. But I was not hungry.
I just wanted to play today. I was waiting. I was just waiting for the match.

Q. But the body still felt good?
NICOLAS MAHUT: (Tearing up.)

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