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June 24, 2010

Caroline Wozniacki


6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was that a performance fit for a queen, Caroline?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, I thought I played well out there today. I think Chang played a good match, as well. I think grass suits her game. So for me it was important just to stay in there from the first point.
I felt like I was serving well, so I was really pleased about that.

Q. Were you in any way disappointed that the Queen didn't stop for your game?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: You know, when you're out there on court, you just think about the yellow ball and that you want to win. I met Her Majesty earlier today, so that was a great honor.

Q. Did she have any words of encouragement for you?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, she just wished me good luck in the tournament. Yeah, well, I don't even remember I was so nervous (laughter).

Q. What did it feel like you were in a line with the greats of tennis?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: That was a great feeling. Standing next to great champions. It was an honor for me to also be chosen. Of course, I really wanted to meet the Queen. That was a big honor and a privilege for me.

Q. When did you find out you were going to be in that line?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Actually, already I think it was maybe last Thursday or something. So already a while ago.

Q. Did you have lunch with her?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: No, because I was going to play my match, so I had to focus and I had to warm up.

Q. After what happened with Isner and Mahut today, do you worry one of your matches could go to 70-68 in the final set?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I don't think that will ever happen.
Yesterday I turned on the TV in the locker room when it was 21-20. I was like, Okay, this is interesting. Let's just turn it on. Then afterwards, I was like, Okay, maybe they'll just go on until tomorrow. I was joking. When I was going on, it was 47-48, I think. I was joking when I was playing my doubles, you know, They're probably not going to be finished when we come off. When I came off, they still weren't finished. I was like, Okay, this is crazy.
Then today 70-68.

Q. It's great for tennis.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: It definitely put it on the spotlight. I'm really happy. I'm really sad for Mahut and very happy for Isner, that he won. But, you know, it's going to the history, that match. Everything: most aces, longest games, everything. I mean, it's crazy.

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