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June 24, 2010

Gilles Simon


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously with the way the draw has worked out, could be Andy Murray in the next round. Just your thoughts on that. Obviously be strong crowd support for him.
GILLES SIMON: The strong crowd is not a problem. I know it. I played Rafa in semis in Madrid and the crowd was not for me, so it will be the same, I think.
But if I play against Andy, that would be nice for me, because it's long time I didn't play a match like this against a really top player in a slam.
So I'm gonna see how I will play on the court. I hope I will be doing something good. I'm just testing myself on the match and on this tournament, so I don't have really -- I don't have expectation about the result at the end. I will just play my match and we will see.

Q. Every year you've been to Wimbledon you've improved from the previous year. Is this year going to be the quarterfinals?
GILLES SIMON: I don't know. I hope. But I'm not in my best shape also, and Andy is a very good player.
Still, he play against Jarkko, who is playing very good also. So I'm not sure he's gonna win 100%.
But for sure my next opponent will be tough to defeat. I have no pressure. If it's Andy, I lost against him when I was playing my best tennis, so this time I don't know.

Q. How is your knee? Are you still having problems, or are you fully recovered now?
GILLES SIMON: Normally I'm fully recovered, but I can still feel the pain. For the maybe next two months, next or three months, there are still a risk for me.
But actually I have no pain. As you can see, I have no strap. I don't take any antiinflammatories. Normally I'm okay.

Q. Which is a harder prospect: Murray at Wimbledon or Nadal in Madrid?
GILLES SIMON: Quite the same, but Nadal was No. 1 and was playing amazing tennis in 2008. So I don't know. And I won this one.
So Murray, I don't know. I will tell you after the match.

Q. We see every year at Roland Garros French players don't do so well in their home tournament. It's been not as long as Fred Perry for here, but French players haven't won in Paris for a while. Do you admire the way Andy Murray handles the pressure at Wimbledon? Because he's our only player, where you've got lots of good players.
GILLES SIMON: For sure he's alone. But for us, yes, we have the pressure, but we are many players, so it's a little bit easier.
For him it's hard, because you know, I have an apartment right here. The guy told me, Murray didn't win anything for the last six months. That's a shame. Come on, he's playing good. He played a little final in Australia.
He said, No, no, no. He didn't win. He has to win. So I can feel a little bit the pressure he have.
But I just think he's doing the maximum. Last year he reached the semifinal; it was a good result, I think. He played a nice match, even if he lost this one. I think he's doing good.

Q. Do you feel under pressure? Obviously with the World Cup, will you restore some pride to French sport here?
GILLES SIMON: For us, no, I don't care what they did. It's not the same sport. It's really different. I think -- that's a shame also. Football is football. We are just playing tennis.
They have one of the best team in the world. We don't have the best players in the world, so it's different.

Q. Will you be supporting England now?
GILLES SIMON: Not sure, so just gonna watch who is win. When your team is out, after you don't care.

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