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June 24, 2010

Paul George


No. 10 Selection, Indiana Pacers

PAUL GEORGE: Excited, happy to be here, it's a dream come true and no words to express how happy I am right now.

Q. Talk about playing with Granger, similar type of game and how much you look forward to learning from him and coming from a major school?
PAUL GEORGE: I'm extremely happy. I look at Danny as a bigger brother and mentor to myself. We have been working out and training together out in Los Angeles, so we kind of have a bond, you know, as it is already, so I'm extremely happy to be in this situation and to be with this team and organization, I mean, I just can't wait to start.

Q. Indiana, did you see it coming? Did they give you those signs?
PAUL GEORGE: I didn't know what to expect, I told my agent to let it ride out. I didn't want no hints on where I was going so it was a surprise to me go there. I knew they liked me and I had a good time there when I did have my workout there, so it wasn't that big of a surprise.

Q. Inaudible.
PAUL GEORGE: I became better at understanding the game and I still have a long ways to go and I just felt like to get better and improve my skills, I felt like I had to come out this year and just learn. I feel like my learning curve is so high that I'm ready to just take on anything.

Q. Inaudible.
PAUL GEORGE: It would be great to share some words with him. That's a legend. I don't want to start out by saying I want to take his footsteps but I want to share some words with him and go through this process with him on my side.

Q. Miller was able to become a national figure; have you talked about endorsement deals with your agent?
PAUL GEORGE: Yeah, all that stuff is not pertaining to me. I just want to get to playing basketball and let everything take care of itself.

Q. The Pacers with Jim O'Brien play an open system, a lot of three-pointers, but they have lacked consistency the last couple of years not making the playoffs; how can you help that?
PAUL GEORGE: I think I can help with consistency. Being 6-9, I can do pretty much a lot of things on the court and I want to take this summer leading up to the NBA season to really work on my game to make sure I'm ready. I definitely don't want to come into a situation where a team that's on the verge of winning -- and be a slacker.
So like I say, I just want to take this opportunity just to get better and work on my game.

Q. Do you feel any pressure to be better, because a lot of people in Indiana were saying to pick Gordon Hayward.
PAUL GEORGE: Yeah, Gordon Hayward is a good friend of mine --

Q. But he was gone.
PAUL GEORGE: Luckily. Yeah, I mean, I definitely want to, you know, do good for the fans and I want to pan out to what they want me to be and I think that I will achieve that.

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