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June 24, 2010

Jeremy Erben

Sunny Golloway

Zach Neal

Tyler Ogle


South Carolina – 3
Oklahoma - 2

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Oklahoma players Tyler Ogle, Zach Neal, Jeremy Erben, and Coach Sunny Golloway.
Opening statement, Coach.
COACH GOLLOWAY: A great, great college baseball game. And that's how it should be. I'm proud of both teams. Congratulations to South Carolina, Coach Tanner. They played terrific.
And, you know, clearly, if you're going to play your last baseball game and you're going to lose, you want to do something that you're going to be proud of. And I couldn't be more proud the way our players played.
I couldn't be more proud to be the coach of these young men who represent the University of Oklahoma. A great institution. We have great leaders on campus. They give us an opportunity to excel. And these young men went out and excelled. So I'm extremely proud of them, and our coaching staff is proud of them.
And, you know what, we'll be determined and hopefully it won't be such a long stay. We'll be back.

Q. Coach, obviously pretty emotional moment. What did you tell your team a moment ago?
COACH GOLLOWAY: You know what, when we went down the line there, the first thing I said to them is: Hey, remember Virginia. Remember that feeling at Virginia. Remember winning that game and knowing that you qualified. You know, after a 15-year drought for the University of Oklahoma, I said, remember that feeling. The sting of tonight will go away.
And having been here three years before, every player that's played here knows this: You're going to remember this. We're going to remember the lightning in the background. We're going to remember the warm welcome. We're going to remember the opening ceremony. We're going to remember the good things. This will fade. And it does. It's hard for them to understand it now, but I wanted them to have a good memory immediately.
And that we're proud of them. It's all part of the process and building a program and restoring the tradition, and this is part of that.

Q. Coach, before the season, there were so many questions to be answered. And not many people saw you guys going this far. Could you talk about the journey getting here?
COACH GOLLOWAY: You know, that's what it's all about. And all those questions that you and I know that were asked, it's simple: The answers are in every one of these players, the players outside right now that are probably struggling to find the joy of being in Omaha and they're with their families, and that's a good thing.
But they're the answer to all those questions that we all had, even the coaching staff. And it's been an amazing journey.
I'll tell you real quickly. I don't want to get long with this. In '94, the year that we did win it all, we went to an FCA breakfast. And Todd Walker had won it with LSU the year before, and one of the things he talked about as a Christian, when it's all over, and you know it's just a celebration and a dog pile and then it's over, you miss it. Because you enjoy the journey.
And that's what I kept telling our guys, is enjoy the journey. And we wanted the journey to continue. And that's what stings. And the road to Omaha, that was complete. You can't pull the road out from under any of the teams that make it here. They made it here.
And so it's been a great journey, and I know our guys have enjoyed it. We've enjoyed it. We've enjoyed it with a relatively young club.

Q. Tyler, can you talk about your home run in the top of the 12th inning, and just how big of a moment that was?
TYLER OGLE: Well, we hadn't really put any runs together the whole game. So I was just trying to get up there and get something started. And putting a good swing on it. And as soon as I got back in the dugout, the number one thing on my mind was let's go win a ball game, because I knew it wasn't over, we still had another half inning.
It felt good, but unfortunately we didn't come out with a win.

Q. Zach, did you basically just get to the point where you kind of ran out of gas when you left? Because you did pitch so, so well tonight.
ZACH NEAL: I don't know if it was running out of gas. I left a 3-2 slider up and he hit it off the wall for a double. And usually if I go seven, Erben has eight and Duke has nine. I could have kept going, but that's not my role. That's his role. Just passing it off to the next guy.

Q. Jeremy, this year was kind of full circle for you. Started the year great out of the bullpen, getting quick wins, go in the starting rotation, you end the year pitching every game in the College World Series. Performing very well. Could you just talk about it?
JEREMY ERBEN: Heck of a ride. I can't imagine my senior year being any better than this one, getting here. Last year at Rosenblatt. Unreal experience, with this group of guys, is it's a long season but one I'll remember for the rest of my life. It was great.

Q. Sunny, this is a game -- I guess for all of you -- that was so close and runs came so difficult and you took the lead 2-1. I've got to imagine you felt like you were going to get three outs and move on to play tomorrow?
COACH GOLLOWAY: Sure, we always think positive. And we always plan that way. And like Tyler said, when he came in, there were no outs on the board yet, so we're still working hard and our guys are trying to manufacture more runs.
And we realized, every game you see here at the College World Series it's a fight to the end. And I can even remember yesterday, after our game, you know, understanding the rules regarding who is home and who is away, both teams had been visitors and home, and it is what it is.
And I kept thinking how important it might be to be the home team, and it was huge today. Our guys stay focused. They did a great job this year playing the game one pitch at a time and one inning at a time. And that's what we did tonight. We wanted to score more runs. We worked hard to try to score more, and then really worked hard to try to end it with the lead and couldn't do it.

Q. Coach, your thoughts on what Zach and Jeremy did today, how they were able to be so effective? And I imagine you're really proud of those guys.
COACH GOLLOWAY: The game that Zach pitched, I mean, in this setting, you know, he was our Friday night starter all year. And he was accepting of the role that we put him in.
And the thought was, when we won the first game and how we wanted to map it out, that we knew we were going to get two more starts. He's getting one of them. It was my decision. He never questioned it. He knew he was going to get the ball.
When he got the ball, he was terrific. I mean, he pitched the game of his career at Oklahoma right here at Rosenblatt. So I can't say enough about just how poised he was and how terrific he pitched for us today. And that goes for all of our guys.
To ask Erben to pitch in all three games, and we know Jeremy, we know how strong he is and we knew he could do it, and he had good stuff there at the end. It was just time to give it to Duke.
I'm proud of our pitching staff. I'm proud with what Coach Bell does with our pitching staff, Coach Tadlock does with our hitters and our whole coaching staff. We're blessed at Oklahoma to have outstanding men working with outstanding student-athletes.

Q. I think you said coming into this thing on Friday that Jackie Bradley was the guy a team wouldn't want to see up with a game on the line, and sure enough he came through and beat you. Coming to that at-bat he was 0-for-5. Were you thinking this is the guy we can't let beat us?
COACH GOLLOWAY: Right. When pitching to him, we had a plan and we went out and tried to execute the plan. For the most part we tried to stay away, and then we get two strikes, we try to come in. And at that point we were going to try to go back away. I looked on the video board, looked like maybe the ball ran back in a little bit and he put a swing on it.
You can't fault the pitcher. You gotta give the hitter credit. He did his job. He did it in a pressure situation, and he did it representing Coach Tanner and their program, which is an outstanding program.
So sometimes -- and I've said this before -- I said this at the first game of the regional at Virginia, we lost the Game 3-2. I said everybody around the country watching the game saw. No student-athlete lost today; it's just a group of student-athletes won. Now I've got to feel like that twice from the Super Regional to the College World Series as a coach. I'm extremely proud of our guys to be able to say that.
And I really believe that. Nobody lost here today, just a group of student-athletes happened to win. And it's a celebration of college baseball, when amateur athletes can go out there and perform like that in this setting, I think that's a celebration of college baseball in the College World Series.

Q. Tyler, you were the hot-hitting team coming into Omaha and it just never seemed to materialize for you guys at the plate in any of these three games. Any explanation for it?
TYLER OGLE: I just think a lot of guys were pressing to do too much. One guy doesn't do something, the next guy puts it on his shoulders to try to do too much. And I think that was where our weaknesses were today.
And I think we're the better ball club when we're staying in the zone and hitting strikes. And not swinging at ball four, and that just wasn't the case today. And that's all I've got.

Q. Zach, you said the other day you couldn't explain it but you knew what you needed to do to get back on track. Safe to say you figured things out today?
ZACH NEAL: Yeah. Virginia was just one of those days where you don't have what you usually have. But I knew what I had to do during the week and doing the same routine I usually do.
I just came out and tried to attack the hitters today. And that was the difference. Maybe Virginia maybe I was a little passive, I don't know what I was trying to do, but today I just came out and left it out there.
THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, thank you.

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