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June 24, 2010

Joe Durant


Q. Joe, your long-time caddie said, that's a Joe Durant round today. He was happy.
JOE DURANT: Yeah. I played very steady today. Only threw up a bogey one time today, made a good putt to save par on 14.
I played solid. That's what I've been working towards, and it's been coming for a little while, and just like that.

Q. Your problem is just getting out, getting starts. This is, what, the eighth start of the year, I think. You're making cuts. You're doing the right thing when you do get out.
JOE DURANT: Yeah, I've been playing pretty well. I just need that one other good week. I had a good week in Mexico earlier in the year. If I could have one more like that and get a little momentum, you know, and maybe I could get in a couple of playoff events and see what happens.

Q. This is such a great fairways and greens type course. If you do that, and that's your game. You gotta make some putts. That's the difference between winning and losing here, and you're making some putts finally.
JOE DURANT: Yeah. I rolled the ball well. I love playing here, though. This is one of my favorite TPCs in the network, and I always like coming to Hartford, and with the fan support we get and everything here, it's a nice event.

Q. Why is this TPC different to a lot of guys' eyes?
JOE DURANT: You know, it looks like it's been here forever. It has more of a traditional look. Has some of the best cues off the fairways, and the green complexes aren't overly crazy, except for a couple of them. Those are short holes, like 15, that's a drivable hole, so it should be a little different. But it's just a fun, nice, relaxing course to play, and I think the guys enjoy coming.

Q. A lot of guys with smiles on their faces after last week and all the trouble that guys have had with all of that. It's fun to come and make some birdies, isn't it?
JOE DURANT: Yeah. I think it does a lot for my game last week, so I have to enjoy some of that.

Q. No scars.
JOE DURANT: No. No bad scars from last week, which is always nice.

Q. Good luck to you. Good round.

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