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June 21, 2010

Vera Dushevina


V. DUSHEVINA/F. Schiavone
6-7, 7-5, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You showed a lot of fight and determination out there today against an opponent on a high from winning Roland Garros. What game plan did you come in with?
VERA DUSHEVINA: So I plan for today. And yes, Francesca is champion of Roland Garros, but it's a really different surface, clay and grass. I was the junior championship of Wimbledon, and I know how to play on the grass.
But anyway, she show really good game in first set; second set was very close to her. So I think we played very good tennis. It's like two hours and 54 minutes. It's really tough to win this match.

Q. I think the key game in the second set was when you saved four breakpoints at...
VERA DUSHEVINA: It was 5-All, I think.

Q. Yeah. Was that a key part of the match?
VERA DUSHEVINA: Yeah, I think so, because I had really big serve, serve and volley, and I was really confident.

Q. When you knew she was gonna be your first-round opponent, how did you feel?
VERA DUSHEVINA: You know, I feel okay because it's grass. I like grass. I don't really like clay. But last year I play against her in Madrid. It was clay and I also beat her.
I think for me, with her on clay it's really tough than on the grass because it's much faster.

Q. Your victory is still a surprise to a lot of people, I think.
VERA DUSHEVINA: Yeah, maybe.

Q. You haven't yet been beyond the second round at Wimbledon. Is this year gonna be your time?
VERA DUSHEVINA: So let's see. I really hope. I really want to win more match here. I mean, stay for second week.

Q. So you're saying that even though Francesca won the French Open and played so well there, you weren't frightened at all or even daunted by the prospect of playing her the first round here?
VERA DUSHEVINA: So, you know, for me today it's not a big deal against who play first round, just to win. It's grass. It's really surprise. A lot of surprise here.

Q. So her form at Paris, you didn't think about that at all?
VERA DUSHEVINA: No, I didn't think about it really.

Q. What, in your mind, do you think was the key to that third set, because you absolutely dominated in the third set?
VERA DUSHEVINA: So when I did the break in the second set and I won it, it was 6-5 for me, and I start really well, first break in third set, and I felt that I'm going to win this match.

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