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June 21, 2010

Alejandro Falla


5-7, 4-6, 6-4, 7-6, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. After the match, Roger Federer said he should have lost that match. Do you agree with that?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Of course. I knew I had a big chance serving for the match. He told me that I play amazing after the match.
So it's true. I knew I was playing very well since the beginning. I just wanted to go out to the court and play my best.
I played him three times in one month, in the last three tournaments. So I was kind of used to play against him. But, well, I am happy because I play a great match. I got to keep working because I have to improve still a few things.
But I'm happy because I play very well today.

Q. Why do you think in the end Roger was able to win today?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I think maybe was on me. I didn't take the chances. I serve for the match. Normally I got to close the match at that moment.
I knew if I couldn't get the chance, he was gonna come back and try to win the match. And he did it.

Q. Until then, how do you think he was playing? Were you winning because of things you were doing or in part because he wasn't up to par?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I think I was playing really well. I was putting pressure on him, and that's why I was winning. Every time I was looking forward to win every point, put pressure on him, attack on his serves. I was doing that all the time very well.

Q. What were your thoughts when he came out to serve for the match?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I was thinking that I have big opportunity to beat Federer here. Was a big chance. And I just doubt a little bit in that moment, in the first two points. And then he play good points.

Q. We saw that you got treatment for your leg. Can that have explained why Federer got back into the game again?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I had a contracture on my leg, but nothing happened. I took a treatment in the two breaks. Well, nothing happen. I felt okay after that.

Q. Have you learned anything playing Federer all these times?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Probably the most important for me is that every match I played him has been better for me. This one, I was really close. In French Open, I play well. I was serving for the first set. And he beat me straight sets, but I play well.
So I think you learn every time. I got to watch the video, the DVD, of the match during the week, and I think I'm sure I will learn some things.

Q. Did you feel when you stepped out onto the court at the beginning that you could win the match, or was it only after winning maybe the first or second set that you thought you could actually beat Federer?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I just wanted to play my best, try my best all the time. I knew he had trouble when I put pressure on my return. And, well, I was just kind of trying every time, and it wasn't enough. I was in a good way through the whole match, and I felt very well, and that's it.

Q. You spoke about when you were serving for the match. Can you describe the situation when you had the three breakpoints against him in a crucial situation and how he was able to get that game.
ALEJANDRO FALLA: You mean at 4-5?

Q. 4-All.
ALEJANDRO FALLA: 4-All, Love-40, in the third set?

Q. Yes.
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I felt at that moment that I was going to break him because I think I make most of the breaks I had. And he played really good points at that moment. So I had nothing to do. I think I missed the first one, the first point.
But even if I lost that point, I was feeling okay at that moment. And was a big chance. I think if I would have make that break, I wasn't thinking too much at that moment.

Q. How did you feel walking on the court with such a big noise, obviously more for Roger than for you?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, it always impress me because when he comes out on the court, everybody is shouting and screaming on him. Is because everybody knows what he's done in tennis.

Q. Were you surprised how much the crowd got behind you after you won that first set?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, I know that. The crowd was on me, with me, in a few moments. But when I was up in the match, I know the crowd always gonna go for Federer (smiling).

Q. Did you have a different plan for this match compared to the last two times you played Federer?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah. I practiced the last couple days with people who plays a similar that his games, because he slice on my forehand a lot. In Halle, two weeks ago in Halle, that's what he did, and I couldn't play my best because he was every time slicing on my forehand.
And I practiced that the last couple days. It worked perfect for me. I didn't feel anything was going bad for me.

Q. Roger said he was lucky to win this match. Do you agree with him?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, you can be lucky, but you have to fight and try. And he always try through the whole match. Maybe a little bit of luck. But he try his best.

Q. What were your feelings when the draw came out and it was Federer?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I knew I'm playing really well at this point of the year. And just sometimes bad luck. Everybody wants to play Federer. But three times in one month is a lot (smiling).

Q. What does it feel like to play in Centre Court like that, with the brand-new court that hasn't been played on before?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Is amazing. Is amazing for me playing the opening match on Centre Court against Federer, playing such a great match as I did. I just enjoyed the match every time. Really happy because I played well.

Q. We know Colombia for the football and cycling. Will this performance today have a good impact with people back home?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, in Colombia people follow tennis a lot. I'm sure many people watch the match today. Well, and I heard some Colombians on the Centre Court today. They were helping me out every time. I'm gonna try my best to be up in the ranking.

Q. When you lost in 2004, won just three games, you said that was even one of the highlights of your career. Is today in terms of the occasion the highlight of your career?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, I think today is a special day for me in tennis, even if I lost that match. Nobody can say I was serving for the match against Federer. Many players would like to be on that situation.

Q. You played as well as or better than Federer for four sets. What happened, do you feel, in the fifth set?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I started thinking what a big opportunity I just missed. He just played better and better when he won the fourth set.

Q. You mentioned there were doubts as you were serving for the match. How did that cramp your style? What were those doubts? What was going through your mind?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Well, I wasn't thinking too much through the whole match. But at that moment, not just me, everyone can start thinking when you are really close to beat Federer.
And in the other side, when he's down like that, like today, he doesn't give you any point. You have to make it, because he's not going to miss on any of that.

Q. Is there any point in the match you wish you could have gone back to and done something different?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: I think the Love-40 at the third set, 4-All, was a big chance for me because, as I said before, I wasn't thinking too much. I just wanted to play my best. That's what I was doing.

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