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June 20, 2010

Tom Watson


Q. Joined by Tom Watson. What a day for you. You threw the ball into the water?
TOM WATSON: After a 76 you want to do that.

Q. Well, you did it back in'82, so I guess that was a tip of the cap to that moment?
TOM WATSON: It was. This Stillwater Cove, you give her her due. If she doesn't take it off the tee, give her a ball or two.

Q. You had the virtual tap in for the birdie, somehow that missed and then around and around for the par.
TOM WATSON: Yeah, it was just a lousy stroke on the short stroke. I wasn't thinking too much about make it. I was kind of thinking about the emotion of the situation, really honestly.

Q. Let's take a look at a birdie that you did make on the 4th. One of the highlights of what could be Tom Watson's last U.S. Open round?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I hit a little sand wedge in here and made a good left-to-right putt. Right there I was 1-under par for the day. It was a nice start.
My son's back there smiling in the background.

Q. That was an emotional walk up 18. Here it is with your son Michael on the bag?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I started thinking about him on my bag and the tears started to flow a little bit, and everything else started to kind of rush in the old heart there and it was -- I made a nice bunker shot at 18 though didn't.

Q. Yeah, you did. To setup the birdie opportunity. This doesn't belong in my hands, does it belongs in yours? Does that look familiar to you?
TOM WATSON: That does look kind of familiar to me. That has to be that Wilson wedge that I chipped it in in 1982. Right there.

Q. On 17.
TOM WATSON: Kind of wore out the middle of it there, didn't I?

Q. Well, that is the difference between my club and yours. It's worn in only one area?
TOM WATSON: I thank David Graham for this. David gave me this right out of his garage. He had about 20 of them.

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