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June 19, 2010

Josh Adams

Matt Den Dekker

Kevin O'Sullivan

Alex Panteliodis


UCLA – 11
Florida - 3

THE MODERATOR: We're joined now by the University of Florida. Joined by Coach Kevin O'Sullivan and Josh Adams, Matt Den Dekker and starting pitcher Alex Panteliodis. Coach, an opening statement, please.
COACH O'SULLIVAN: I think all the credit needs to go to UCLA. They were outstanding on the mound. Outstanding at the plate. They battled all day long. Got 18 hits. I don't know how many were two strikes. We could not just manage to get the lead-off hitter the majority of the time.
Anytime you scored every inning but one, just felt like we were struggling to get from -- struggled to play from behind every inning it seemed like. The credit goes to them. They played really, really well, and we'll need to bounce back on Monday.

Q. Kevin and then Alex, if you want to answer afterwards, why the pitching struggles today for pretty much everybody?
COACH O'SULLIVAN: I don't have that answer. If I had that answer, I would have tried to help at some point during the game. We just could not -- one thing we've been doing all year long is being able to throw first-pitch strikes. We worked ahead in the count. We've been able to change speeds to our breakup ball and change up for strikes at will. For whatever reason, tonight we weren't able to do it.

Q. Coach, did you get the feeling like your team just wasn't sharp in all phases? Seemed like it was uncharacteristically sloppy today in various phases of the game.
COACH O'SULLIVAN: We just could not get into the flow of the game. Seemed like a really slow-paced game. Almost agonizing at times to watch. Every time we turned around -- we scored two in the bottom of the 1st to bounce back. And then we gave up three, and then we get one more in the bottom of the 4th. Then turn around and give up two.
Just seemed like every time we closed the gap a little bit, you know, there's runners on first and second and nobody out. It was just one of those type of games.

Q. Josh and Matt, talk about the job that Bauer did. What made him so effective tonight against the entire lineup for the most part?
JOSH ADAMS: Well, he threw every pitch for a strike tonight. He did a great job. His breaking ball was sharp. Changeup looked pretty good. He just had a great night and he gets all the credit.
MATT DEN DEKKER: Same thing. He had command of all three pitches and located his pitches. He was successful and you have to tip your cap to him.

Q. Matt, I know it's bittersweet given the circumstances, but can you talk about the catch and what you saw in the play and making that play?
MATT DEN DEKKER: I mean, that's what I'm out there to do. Fly balls, ran it down. Kind of sucks right now being on the losing end. We have to come back, come ready to go for our next game.

Q. Did you expect to see Cole tonight and did they throw you off at all going with Bauer?
COACH O'SULLIVAN: No, John mentioned in the press conference they were going with Bauer. I think they have three starters they can probably go to, any one of them, and get positive results.
But just to comment on that catch. Matt's real humble about the catch, but that was one of the best catches I've ever seen. So pretty good catch there, buddy.

Q. Josh and Matt, I notice this is your guys' first time playing in Omaha in something like this. How did you feel out there, and did that play any role in this at all?
JOSH ADAMS: Everybody dreams about coming here, so it's one of those things. You take it all in. Nervous was pretty much the main thing for me. Not playing in front of this many people ever, so kind of nervous. But you use it to your advantage and go out and play and have a good time and play hard.
MATT DEN DEKKER: Yes, same thing. Coming out here, you dream of this. And the crowd was amazing in the outfield. They were talking to me the whole time, yelling at me at times.
It was amazing atmosphere and something I'll never forget being out here.

Q. Coach, all the wild pitches, passed balls, what are your thoughts about -- was catching a factor at all? Obviously two passed balls, but why were so many pitches getting by?
COACH O'SULLIVAN: I think it was -- they weren't fastballs. They were breaking balls. A few changeups. I thought Mike did a nice job behind the plate. But you start throwing an awful lot of pitches in the dirt, it gets a little sloppy. Then when balls kind of get away from them. But I thought he did a great job tonight.
I don't think that had anything to do with the way Mike caught. I thought he had a really good job and we just have to do a better job locating the pitches, as simple as that.

Q. Question for any of the players about just moving on and trying to bounce back and facing elimination against FSU, a team that you've seen a lot before during the season.
MATT DEN DEKKER: We're going to come out ready to play and put this behind us. We played them already four times this year so we have an idea what to expect. We're going to come ready to play, come out with some intensity, get ready to go.

Q. You hear so much about the UCLA starting pitching and sometimes the offense gets a little ignored. Were you surprised by the talent they have there and what they were able to do?
ALEX PANTELIODIS: Coach told me what I was coming into today's game. They just battled real well today. Made some bad pitches. Didn't have any fastball command or anything tonight. But gotta give it to them.
THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, thank you very much.

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