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June 18, 2010

Phil Mickelson


Q. Round of the Championship so far, Phil Mickelson, we'll get to the putting in just a moment, but let me ask you, no birdies yesterday, five on the front side. What happened?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, I got the putter going, obviously. It was a good feeling. I rolled it well on line and a bunch of them were able to find the hole.

Q. Tied for 116th in the field in putting on Thursday, I know you had some work to do, tied for first today. What was the difference?
PHIL MICKELSON: These greens, you can lose confidence on them quite quickly because the ball won't hold its line. The biggest thing for me was I had a lot of uphill putts. I had 1-down hill putt that kind of waffled off line at the hole on 9. Other than that like on 18, I was conscious not to roll it two or three feet by -- I left it three feet uphill and was able to hit it aggressive enough to hold its line and get it to go.
I think that the biggest thing is that I was able to have enough birdie putts that were uphill.

Q. You've had a pretty interesting relationship with this championship for as much as you cherish it how do you assess your position after 36?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well I'm in a good spot. I don't look at the leaderboard, I don't look at other players. I look at par. And this is the only tournament really in professional golf to date that brings out Bobby Jones old saying of "playing against Old Man Par" because if you just can stay around par you're going to be in the tournament on Sunday, and that's kind of the goal.
I was 4-over yesterday and I got it back to even, actually got it to under par, but it doesn't matter who is up on the leaderboard or what's going on, somewhere around par is always going to be in it.

Q. Old man or young man, par is certainly a wise score here and worth a lot more in the United States Open Championship. Phil, great job playing around today, obviously best of luck to you on the weekend.

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