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June 18, 2010

Lexi Thompson


Q. So was this any different than playing in the U.S. Open, that kind of thing, just being a pro?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Um, it wasn't that different. You know, I was nervous in the first tee obviously, and then I went and missed a one-footer on the first hole. Jesus.
But, you know, it was a lot of fun, though. I wish I would have just hit it a little bit better and made a few more putts. But that's golf.

Q. Was that first green nerves or just carelessness?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Um, probably both. I was probably shaking and then I should have took more time over it. So you learn from that. I never did that again today.

Q. When did the nerves go away?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Probably on the second hole.

Q. Yeah?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah. I was putting too tentative on the first few holes, and then I just started hitting them a little harder and just trusting that I could make a three-footer coming back.

Q. Does it feel any different playing as a pro?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No, not really. I'm just playing the same, playing aggressive. I have nothing to lose out here, so just gonna try to hit driver everywhere and just play aggressive and go for it.

Q. Kind of make it more fun playing with Christina?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, she's so cool. I had a really great group. They were both super nice and always saying, Good shot and just talking to me. It was a wonderful group.

Q. Have you thought about what you would do with your first paycheck?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: (Laughter.) No, not really. Maybe a car.

Q. Maybe a car?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Uh-huh. Just looking. Not really gonna just get one, but I gotta look.

Q. Not the one you drove up in yesterday, right?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: No, no. Maybe I could get that. I don't think I could pull that, but...

Q. Got to get your dad's permission.
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Yeah, for sure.

Q. You had a 1:00 tee time. What did you do this morning to kill time? Were you nervous? Could you sleep?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Um, I slept until about 8:00 and watched a few movies and then just ate and came right out.
I wasn't really nervous. I was just chilling.

Q. What did you watch?
ALEXIS THOMPSON: Clueless and I forget what other video. It was a good movie. Pastime for me.

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