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June 18, 2010

Paula Creamer


Q. How did it feel?
PAULA CREAMER: You know, not too bad considering. I had some shots out what there that I definitely felt it on; others, it's manageable.
But overall, today was pretty good. I hit some beauties and I hit some really good shots. I had a little bit of both, but I knew that was gonna happen.

Q. What was that first tee shot like for you? The crowd gave you a big hand.
PAULA CREAMER: It was really special actually, I was nervous; I'm always nervous before the first tee shot, but especially this one.
The fans, you know, they were great. It was a nice applause. I was just saying, Okay. Just hit the fairway and make contact and then we'll get the day going.

Q. It easier or harder than you expected?
PAULA CREAMER: In what way?

Q. Pain-wise.
PAULA CREAMER: It was pretty much what I thought it would be. I didn't got any surprise, you know, too much out there. There was a couple where it lasted a little bit longer than normal, the pain after a shot.
But for the most part I kept stretching it. You'll see me constantly moving it around. I just can't let it stiffen up. That's the biggest thing.

Q. Does it hurt the whole time?
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, I mean, pretty much every shot out there, except when I putt or do bump and runs. There's not as much pressure put on it.
Driver is the worst, and I can't hit knock-downs. So those holes going towards the bay are brutal for me.

Q. You're right there, I mean, couple shots out of the lead. I would think you would be thrilled.
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, I am. I mean, I cant be -- I had two bogeys today, a disappointment there. But for the most part I hit a lot of good shots and stayed in the moment. I did everything that I wanted to do, and that was just play within myself.
Suzann is a long player, and I know I can't keep up with her. That was something that was a good challenge for me, to really play within what I can.

Q. Is it frustrating that you used to be able to keep up with her and now you can't? You said you lost about 25 years. Is that tough to deal with?
PAULA CREAMER: It's hard, yes. But that will come back. It's so early in this whole process, this whole kind of trip, you can say. This is just the first of many, many tournaments down the road, and you have to start somewhere.

Q. Kind of a day of comebacks. You coming back, Sherri with double hip surgery last year. When you think of what she's been through to comeback...
PAULA CREAMER: Wow, I think that's awesome. I know Sherri. The greatest thing is she's such a nice person. I've had one of the greatest moments. She was my junior Solheim Cup captain, so it's great to see her playing well and coming back.
I know after surgery, I know what you go through with a thumb. I can't imagine what it goes through with your hips.

Q. The shot on 11, did that bother you a little bit, being in the tall stuff?
PAULA CREAMER: Um, it wasn't as bad as what I thought it was going to be. Actually, the shot before that hurt more than that one.
It was kind of -- the grass was -- it wasn't as strong as I thought it was going to be, so it was all right. It was like a bunker shot almost.

Q. Secondly, on 16 you went down to your hands and knees on the fairway.
PAULA CREAMER: I did that a lot today. It's how I stretch my forearms and stuff. I'm just stretching it on the ground. I wasn't in pain.
Okay guys? Thank you.

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