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June 13, 2010

Jim Haley


Q. Tell us about the decision.
JIM HALEY: Yeah, it's a similar situation, although we're in the fourth round now as opposed to the third round.
And because so many players finished their round, finished 72 holes, we decided to make every effort to give the rest of 'em a chance to play 72 holes.
Yeah, the weather has not been very good, obviously. The reason why we stopped at 5:30, essentially 5:30, because that most recent storm that went through came in earlier than we thought and was more intense than we thought and dropped a lot of rain. Excuse me, a lot of water. Golf course is unplayable.
At 5:00 we thought we could get 'em back out, but it came in so fast and so intense that we had to bring 'em back in off the practice tee and sit down and meet and figure out what we want to do for the rest of day. There are still storms on the way. We felt like we couldn't get 'em out there because of that, and also the golf course is unplayable.
So having said that, we're making every effort to come back tomorrow morning and resume at 7:30 and try to finish the fourth round.

Q. And you said that because so many girls had finished 72 holes. Just as an example, Angela Stanford who had a 64...
JIM HALEY: I mean, we don't really base the decision on what somebody shot. We base it on an that they have a chance to finish 72 holes.
Now granted, we know a lot of people that improved their position. There's also some people that went the other way.

Q. What was the question I asked Kate Peters, is it had no bearing that there were two people tied at the top.
JIM HALEY: No, absolutely not. I mean, yeah, is it easy to say -- call it at 54 and, yeah, we've got a winner and that kind of thing? Yeah.
But the intent is to play 72 holes. That's the whole idea of the tournament, is to play 72 holes. If it takes us an extra day, we'll have to do that.
Now, granted the forecast is not all that great for tomorrow morning, but things change in 12 hours. So hopefully we can squeeze it in. It may take us a while to get that last group to play nine holes.

Q. Are you committed to going until dark tomorrow?
JIM HALEY: Well, I don't want to say that yes or no. It really depends how the golf course handles what might come tonight and what might be there tomorrow.
This is a scenario. It could be 11:00 and we're sitting in a bunch of rain and the course is going under water literally. At that point, we would have to make a determination, is this gonna improve.
Now, I've been in places where it was horrible at 8:00 in the morning and by 2:00 you could be playing golf. And we only have two hours 15 minutes really of golf.
We can maybe hopefully squeeze that in in ten hour of daylight tomorrow.

Q. In between the rain drops.
JIM HALEY: Yeah. I mean, we can always play in the rain. It's the lightning that gets us off, and unplayable conditions.

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