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June 13, 2010

Shaun Micheel


Q. Shaun, great ovations for you at the 17th green when you made the birdie and then at 18 as well when you almost dropped one in from off the side of the green. Nice week.
SHAUN MICHEEL: Yeah, it was a nice week. I was very appreciative of the reception that I got and that I get each and every year. It was a lot of local players here. None of us are transplants. We're all from here. There's quite a few of us. It's nice to see the people come out and, you know, support the event. I think it was important that CBS captured a lot of the fans out there to, you know, keep the hope alive and for the sponsor for years to come.

Q. You and I talked on Wednesday. I said, "Boy, it's got to be harder to play at home." You never finished in the Top-10. Top-5 finish.
SHAUN MICHEEL: Yeah. I was playing pretty well. I was pretty nervous. I didn't putt as well as I would like the last couple of days. Just didn't -- I was just too anxious to have too many 3, 4-footers coming back. I actually hit the ball a lot better today than I did yesterday.
I probably hit every fairway in the back. When I look back, I may have only missed one or two fairways in total. So I played well, had a lot of good opportunities and let a few slip, but I made some nice par saves, too. Overall, it was an incredible week. I carry a lot of confidence going into the next week.

Q. Very emotional week. Congratulations on a good week. Good luck at Pebble Peach. See you down the road.
SHAUN MICHEEL: Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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