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June 13, 2010

Robert Karlsson


Q. Robert, how was it?
ROBERT KARLSSON: It was tough today. For me, it didn't really happen much all day. I had a few chances. I don't know.

Q. Yet the adrenaline got going there at the end. All of a sudden, did you not have a putt to lead the tournament anytime on Sunday and then you had a putt to win it.
ROBERT KARLSSON: That's right. Yeah. It was a funny situation, you know what I'm saying? The putt wasn't very long. I just tried to hang in there and did my job. And at the end of the day, I was in the playoff, which was not expected.

Q. Again, congratulations on a good run. Good luck at The Open.

Q. Robert, I guess the people on 12 there, a similar line.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Very much similar line. I mean, it was a right-hand putt. I didn't hit a good putt. You can't take any chances with too many good players.

Q. It's been a great week. What goes through your mind on the 18th tee in regulation when you see what happens to Robert?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I didn't have a clue. To me, I was going to play the best I could. I tried to give myself a chance and I did, but not to be.

Q. You hung tough obviously all day long. You made some putts. You made some good shots and got yourself into the playoff.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yeah, I did. I haven't been playing good over the weekend. I'm very happy to get into the playoff and have a chance. Learn from here, even see if I can finish off next time.

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