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June 13, 2010

Anna Nordqvist


Q. I don't know much about momentum in golf, but this has got to kind of sting when you're out there feeling good?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Well, I think it's the same for everyone, so it's all about patience. I had a lot of momentum yesterday. I think I was 3-under after 5, and I just hit it on in two.
I mean, this morning was the same. I tried to keep that momentum going this morning. You know, I'm excited that we're actually gonna have a Monday finish.

Q. At least among the players, was there much discussion about can we come back tomorrow with travel situations, or was there much discussion or do you know?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Well, you know, couple people were talking about obviously Val Skinner is hosting this breast cancer event that I was actually gonna be playing in tomorrow, so unfortunately I can't do it.
Also about the -- gonna have a flight tomorrow. But I think they got it all sorted out. Obviously we can't be in that Pro-Am.

Q. How much influence do you guys have as to whether you're gonna play tomorrow or not, or is it all LPGA?
ANNA NORDQVIST: It's basically LPGA. I mean, I don't really know anything about it. We just had an announcement from one of the rules officials, so that was all we heard the last couple -- hour and a half.

Q. Do you know, are other players planning to drop out of this tournament to go on to the Pro-Am, or is everyone staying here for...
ANNA NORDQVIST: That, I don't know. I know I'll be staying.

Q. Did you putt out on 10?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I did. As soon as I hit the ball, you know, the horn was blowing. So fortunately I made that. I think I had an 8- or 10-footer for par. I mean, that gives me momentum for tomorrow, too.

Q. You were playing very well, and you talked about momentum earlier. You have something going and you get suspended again. But just hopefully you can come back tomorrow and pick up kind of where you left off as far as just the quality of play you're having?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Absolutely. I've been playing good all week. I'm excited. I'm excited we're gonna go back out there and play. I'm in a good position. I just look forward to finishing my last eight holes.

Q. Do you have any advise for people on how to spend a rainy day in Springfield, Illinois, or a rainy weekend in Springfield, Illinois?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I don't know. I'm staying with a great family this week, so we'll figure something out. Watch TV or watch a movie. There's plenty of stuff to do, even though you're in Springfield, Illinois. (Laughing.)

Q. Who are you staying with?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I'm not gonna try to pronounce the last name.

Q. Okay. You could spell it.

Q. Coom.
ANNA NORDQVIST: Yes, there you go. We've been working on my pronunciation this week on a couple words here and there, so...
All I can do is try.

Q. Yeah. A year ago, you played, I think, pretty well here the last couple rounds, and then went on to win a major the next week. Do you just have some positive vibes when you come here, as they say, maybe? Do you feel like you can play well when you come here.
ANNA NORDQVIST: I don't know. Obviously last year I had a pretty good tournament going into McDonald's when I won the week after.
Maybe this is the time of year I start to feel comfortable with my game, you know. Just been working really hard. Just getting more comfortable.

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