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June 13, 2010

Robert Garrigus


Q. You had a heck of a week, man, you really did? Talk about the last hole in regulation.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: It was just a mess. I wasn't committed to the shot. I wanted to hit a high cut, and I just flipped it right into the water. And then the next one, I thought I had to get up and down to make bogey for par because I thought I had a 2-shot lead instead of a 3-shot lead. I would have hit a wedge out to the right and laid up and hit it on the green and got the win if I had known.
It's just stupidity. I should have known, and I should have hit some better shots. Should have hit a better shot off the tee. Wouldn't have been in that position.

Q. What was the feeling on 18? Had a 3-shot lead, getting ready to tee off. Nervous? Did you go too fast?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: I stayed in my routine, I did everything the same. I got to my backswing and flipped it. I didn't wait for the clubhead to get down. I brought it down too quick and hooked it right in the water. I've done that before, just not in this big of a situation. I know I played better than they all did in the field. It's alright. I'm going to go on from this week and we'll be good.

Q. Explain it.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: That's the tough part for me because I don't remember swinging on the 18th tee. It was really tough. I got to the middle of my backswing. I felt good, and I was just going to wait for the clubhead to come down and have a nice draw in there and she went left. That wasn't good. That's alright. I made the putt to get into the playoff which those little 3-footers for me get a little nerve-racking sometimes. I handled everything great today except for one swing. I'm glad to -- that I even got into the playoff. The ball hit the tree and dropped straight down, didn't go in the water. It's little things to win. I've got to learn that, and next time I'm in that position, I'm going to do it.

Q. You went 71 holes, man. Next time it will be 72. Proud of you for standing up like a man. Thanks.

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