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June 13, 2010

Karrie Webb


Q. 7-under, 65 today. Great round. Tell us about it.
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, thanks. It was pretty solid. Just really a great finish. Made a bogey on my 13th hole, and I was pretty annoyed with that just because you can't afford to make bogeys out here. You're giving away a lot of shots.
So what did I do, two birdies and an eagle to finish, so, you know, it was a great finish. I don't think it's good enough to win, but it'll be a good tournament for me.

Q. Yeah. I was gonna ask, posting at 16, what do you think, are you gonna stick around?
KARRIE WEBB: I don't think so. I'll probably clean out my locker and stuff like that and see what the leaders are doing. I'm sure by then someone else will have come in around that score.
But, you know, even though they've played so many holes, you know, I think Cristie would have to play pretty bad to shoot +3 in the afternoon.
But I'm just happy with four solid rounds this week.

Q. Did you feel as you were make this round that there may be a chance that you could be in that spot at the end of the tournament?
KARRIE WEBB: Last night I did. You know, there was a lot of golf left for the leaders to play. I thought, you know, playing in the heat that many holes and then coming back out this morning that they mightn't have played as well.
But, you know, Cristie and Anna Nordqvist had great rounds in probably very not good conditions. So I knew then it probably was a bit out of my reach.

Q. What worked well for you in these four rounds this week?
KARRIE WEBB: A little bit of everything. You know, I putted pretty well. You know, it's just with the course being so soft, it just, you know, put a premium on hitting good iron shots and then making as many putts as possible.

Q. Is the course kind of there for the taking this morning, or today, I guess?
KARRIE WEBB: Yeah, obviously played a little bit longer because it was so wet. But the greens are soft, so even when you're hitting a 5-iron, it's not gonna go too far when it hits the green.

Q. The eagle on, what was it, 15?

Q. What did you hit?
KARRIE WEBB: I hit a 3-wood in there. I think I had 227 to the pin. Hit it just past the pin on the fringe and made probably about a 15-footer I guess, 18-footer.

Q. Cool. You guys good?
KARRIE WEBB: Thank you.

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