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June 12, 2010

Lee Westwood


Q. Lee, 1-over 71. Describe the day, how tough was it physically and mentally?
LEE WESTWOOD: Physically, very warm out there, but I've been -- last couple days I've struggled with this thing a little bit. I didn't play very well today. 71 seems almost like a victory, really.

Q. You had some birdies. You left a few on the table out there. Do you agree with that or not?
LEE WESTWOOD: Not really, no. I didn't hit it close enough. I didn't feel in control of my swing enough, being in the fairway. If you play like I think I've played, 71 today, it wasn't that easy out there and the conditions were tough. So, you know, I'm pleased.

Q. Talk about tomorrow.
LEE WESTWOOD: I'm only 3 back, so anything can happen.

Q. We were following you all day. We were hearing the scores of the match in our ear. We didn't want to tell you. Obviously, you know the score, right?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yes. By all accounts we didn't play very well and it was a good result.

Q. First, I want to congratulate you. A couple days ago you projected that England, U.S. soccer, what would happen.
LEE WESTWOOD: It was good.

Q. Let's talk about your round today. Was the 71 kind of like a draw for you as well, kind of like you didn't fall that far back and certainly didn't gain anything?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah. The way I played, I didn't play particularly well, didn't hit the ball very well. I wasn't in control of my swing that much, and I think it shows, you know, how good my game has progressed and still shoot 71 under the pressure of the lead. I've not played very well.

Q. Isn't that the gauge of your success in this game, how good are your bad shots, how good is your bad day?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah. I think so, yeah. There's always good shots out there. You have to take care of your bad ones. My bad ones aren't that bad. I don't feel like I've been in control of my swing as much as I would like. I haven't worked it out. Various other things. But still contending and Top-10 and I'm pleased. I'm not pleased with the swing, I'm pleased the way everything has gone.

Q. Nonetheless, overall not bad going into the final round. Where are your game and head as far as that last 18 holes?
LEE WESTWOOD: I'm going to go on the range now and hit a few balls. I think I know what I'm doing, but what I need to do to hit the ball good. I'll be working on that and grinding again tomorrow. We'll tee it off again and try to shoot a low score.

Q. You didn't get much going out there and conditions were certainly tough.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, pretty warm out there. It's as warm as it's been for awhile. I didn't play particularly well, but I didn't sustain much damage. I still have a chance to win tomorrow.

Q. 3 down going into tomorrow. You've been at the top of the leaderboard throughout the tournament. What will it take tomorrow?
LEE WESTWOOD: It will take to play better than I played today. I didn't play particularly well today, lot of sloppy shots and not enough good ones. I have to work on that on the range now.

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