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June 12, 2010

Juli Inkster


Q. So you were out there playing great.

Q. 5-under through 9.

Q. 10-under for the tournament.

Q. And then you had to come in and have the tuna salad.
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, I missed couple juniors coming in on 15 and 16, and then I missed the green on 17.
But I'm on the green at two on No. 17. I'm just trying to get in right now. (Laughing.)

Q. And it's a par-3?
JULI INKSTER: It's a par-3, oh, yeah. So, you know, I'm playing good. Yesterday I just kind of got out of my rhythm a little bit. Got kind of windy and just didn't really hit any very good shots coming in.
But, you know, we'll see. Hopefully I can finish with a birdie somewhere and see what happens tomorrow.

Q. 65 in the first round, and like you said, you lost it a little bit yesterday but back on track today. What do you do when you have this kind of a day when you feel like you could lose your rhythm and kind of get lost in it a little bit in it. What do you to pick that up and turn it around?
JULI INKSTER: I just try to go through my checkpoints. Really, for me, it's just finding that one key, that one swing key that kind of gets me back in my rhythm.
Sometimes it takes me a few holes to find that one key; sometimes it takes me 18. (Laughing.) Usually I can pinpoint that one thing and get back into it.

Q. A veteran, World Golf Hall of Fame member. Clearly you know how to do that quite well. You've had a season so far, one top 10. We talked earlier about you being appointed co-captain with Rosie Jones for the Solheim Cup. I asked you if you wanted to play your way onto the team, and you actually said, no, you weren't that interested. But you're kind of looking like you're interested.
JULI INKSTER: No, I'm not. I'm not interested. I've played in eight and I've enjoyed myself. I love being on the team.
But there's a lot about young players coming up. It's their time to rock the Solheim. Hopefully I can just help Rosie bring home the trophy.

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