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June 12, 2010

Shaun Micheel


Q. Steady, solid, but not spectacular.
SHAUN MICHEEL: Yeah, I didn't read the greens very well today. I had some opportunities out there to, you know, to make a score, but it was a tough day. I mean, the pins were difficult again. It's gotten tougher each day. The wind was up today, where I didn't have that yesterday. I missed a lot of greens. I seemed to be in between clubs a lot.
You know, I made the up and downs that I needed to. I salvaged a round that could have gotten away from me pretty easily. Wasn't like I was all over the course. There are days that you just have to make your pars, and maybe I'll have more luck with birdie tomorrow.

Q. There were some rounds that got away from a lot of the guys. You're still in the hunt, maybe six back going into Sunday. Everybody else seemed to be bunched up.
SHAUN MICHEEL: That's pretty typical here. I look back at Robert. He's a longer hitter. I looked back at some of the drives he was hitting out there, shaking my head. He's obviously swinging well and putting well. If he continues with that, somebody is going to go really low to catch him, but the numbers are out there.
If you watched me put today, you would think I never played the golf course before. All three of us struggled. Tim has been playing some great golf this year. So has DJ. That shows the difficulty of the greens. You see one thing, from experience you think it does something else, and you have to go with what you see first. And most of the time it turns out to be wrong, but as long as you're not second-guessing yourself out there, you know, I can certainly walk away and know that I didn't let anything get away.

Q. What do you expect for tomorrow?
SHAUN MICHEEL: Well, may go work on a few iron shots. I was in between clubs a lot today. So I need to go work on some of my knockdown shots, try to manage my distance a little bit better than I did today and need to go work on some putting and get some speed.
I have to get my speed down a little bit, but I don't know, hopefully much of the same off the tee. I hit pretty well off the tee with the exception of 16. I'm expecting a good round. I need to have a few more looks at birdie.

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