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June 11, 2010

Feliciano Lopez


F. LĂ“PEZ/R. Nadal
7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Nice win for you, Feliciano. Were you pleased with the way you kept attacking, kept serving well, slicing well, playing a very good game today?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Yeah, I think I played very solid. My serve was working perfectly, but that's not enough to beat Rafa, I think. He's a very complete player.
So besides my serve, I think I played very solid, consistent from the baseline trying to be aggressive. I knew that this is only way to have a chance today, and I did it. It worked so I'm so happy for that.

Q. He had the lead in the tiebreak. You were quite pleased the way you came back in that, too? That was important for the development of the match?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Yeah, of course to win the first set it's always very important against Rafa, no? Once you lose the first set you see a mountain in front of you.
But I took the tiebreak, but the tiebreak is always tough, you know. It's a lottery. Anybody can win.
After, I think I played a very good second set, also.

Q. You've always come into a grass court season feeling as though you can beat anybody, I think, because your attitude on the grass, is that the most important...
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: I think that's a good place for my game. It normally takes a while to get used to the grass. I came very early this year to Queen's. I practice a lot. This is probably why I'm playing better.
I normally play good in Wimbledon, but the first tournaments on grass I normally -- I can win few matches, but I didn't go any longer over the years here in Queen's. Third round was my best result, I think.

Q. So you're not that surprised that the top six players have all lost before the semifinals? Because that's the way it can happen on grass?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: I think -- yeah. In Wimbledon will be different. Everybody will have play a little bit more on grass. And if you see the matches here, I think Djokovic lost to a grass court specialist. Murray lost to Fish, which is a great player on grass, as well.
So here it's a lot of great players. A lot of grass court players, they come here to Queen's to get ready for Wimbledon. Almost all of them are here. Few of them went to Halle, but I think it's better to come here.

Q. Would you be very surprised if, at the end of the second week of Wimbledon, Rafa is still not one of those right there still in the tournament?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: I would be surprised if Rafa is not in the second week of Wimbledon, of course. He has been there for the past four years.

Q. Yes, I mean later in the second week. This is not a result that everyone should suddenly start saying, Oh, well, he's not going to...
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: I think he's one of the favorites to win Wimbledon, of course. He didn't play last year, but the year before he won, so I would say Roger and Rafa, they are the favorite players to win that tournament.

Q. Do you have confidence that other players describe you as a good player on grass?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: A lot of good players on grass. It's not only Rafa and me, and Roger, sorry. Of course I have confidence on my serve. I lose the quarterfinals twice, so not to go longer this year? But it's so many -- so many difficult opponents out there in Wimbledon. I have to beat a lot of them.
I gonna be seeded, which is very important. For the moment everything is going very good, no? I'm in the semis in Queen's. I will play another tournament next week, so my preparation, it's great for the moment.

Q. Given how far you've gone in Wimbledon in the past, very few matches on at Queen's, this year do you think you can go further?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Of course I think, yeah.

Q. How far?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Definitely. I don't know. Let's say semis. (Laughter.)

Q. You're going to play Eastbourne?

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