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June 11, 2010

Lee Westwood


JOHN BUSH: Lee Westwood joins us in the Media Center after a 2-under par 68. Lee, not a lot going on in the round, tough day out there, but then three straight birdies to finish up. Just comment on your day.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah. It was tricky out there this afternoon. The wind got up and it was gusty, so quite hard to judge. Got off to a nice start, birdied the 4th. Didn't get up and down on 89 like I felt like I should have done.
Good shot into 13 or 14. 14, yeah. Too good. Came out to 5 feet from the back and missed that. Finished birdie, birdie, birdie. Got up and down through the back of 16. Hit two good shots to 17 to about 25 feet, made that and nice 3-wood, 9-iron to about 3 feet even the last.
It was a day of patience. I didn't hit the fairways early on, so I was coming out of the rough a lot. I wasn't missing the fairways a long way, just on the edge. Couple I thought on the fairway in the rough. It's windy round here, and the greens are firming up as they do in the afternoons. Dry out. You got to be on the fairway to attack the flags, and I just didn't hit it close enough to the flag early on. So it was a day of patience and battling, and I was rewarded at the end of the round with three birdies for doing that.
JOHN BUSH: Alright. Questions.

Q. How do you rate this golf course generally compared to the others that you play on at various tours?
LEE WESTWOOD: Very highly. It's a really good test out there. There's some shots you really have to -- the word is "suck up." Really focus in. You have to play away from some flags sometimes, play to the fat part of the green, just take automatic par, especially if you start missing fairways. There's some intimidating tee shots and some intimidating iron shots. It's a good test. I think you probably get what you deserve around this golf course most of the time.

Q. Lee, is this what you heard about this course, that it would play like this?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard it. It's likely to blow around here. Didn't yesterday, but it did today in the afternoon, and it firms up as the day goes on. Obviously, massive reward for hitting the fairways, and that's what I've heard. It's a strong finish. 17, 18 are two great par-4s to finish it off. It will be a challenging finish come Sunday evening, hopefully.

Q. After having a couple of the bogies, how nice was it to get that finish and then find yourself at the moment sharing the lead again going into tomorrow?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah. When I bogged 14, stood on the 15th tee and set myself a little task of trying to birdie two of the last four holes to shoot under 70. I birdied the last three holes, and I had a chance at 15, too. I'm pleased with that. It's a great way to finish off the day. It sends you into tomorrow with momentum.
JOHN BUSH: Alright. Anything else? Is that it? Alright. Short and sweet, Lee. Thank you sir.

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