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June 11, 2010

Robert Garrigus


Q. Robert, that was a great round of golf today under the circumstances. Lot of heat and wind in the afternoon?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. Got really hot on 16. We were sitting there in the fairway. I had to go into the shade and kind of enjoy it with the fans. They got a nice spot over there. It did get warm. Wind picked up a little bit, but I was able to hit some good shots.

Q. Hit a great shot on 17 and got the birdie on 18. It did everything but go down.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. One of the caddies told me, "Keep your head up. They'll go in eventually." I hit a perfect putt, maybe a bit hard.

Q. We've been following you a lot over last few years. You've always hit it a long way off the tee. What is it this week that got it together here the first few days?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Not hitting the driver. I seem to play well here because I don't get to break it out very much. It does get me into trouble every once in a while, but when I have hit it, I've hit it well. Just laying up to your spots out here. You can't really go at anything off the tees it's so tight, and it's nice that the fairways are a little softer with the rain. I'm hitting it in the fairway essentially, and I'll start making some putts.

Q. You're still using that short putter. How short is that thing? It's a junior putter, right?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. No, it's 29 1/2. It's actually an inch and a half longer than it usually is. It's usually 28, but, you know, I'm so excited my Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. I don't know. Thursday night -- Wednesday night I fell asleep at 2:00. I couldn't fall asleep. I had a 7:00 tee time. I got three hours of sleep and came out and, man, I'm just so excited right now.

Q. The Blackhawks hoist the Stanley Cup. Who knows, maybe you'll be hoisting the cup here on Sunday or wearing the seersucker jacket.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Whatever. If they can win the Stanley Cup, I can win a PGA Tour event.

Q. How long have you been a Blackhawk fan?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Ever since I could crawl.

Q. You grew up there?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: No. Ever since I was a kid, I've always followed every Chicago team. I picked up every single one of their teams. Lived in Portland, Oregon, just outside, and I'll tell you what, that one was sweet the other night.

Q. You've been here how many times now?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: This is five.

Q. Is this as well as you've played through two rounds?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. I think one other time I was in the Top-5, but, yeah this is as well as I've actually done it. It's been a great week just thinking-wise. I haven't made any big mental mistakes. I'm going the try and keep that up through the weekend.

Q. You can smile about a putt like that on 18, you know it's been a good round.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: It was good. I hit it exactly where I wanted to, the right speed. It was good 2-foot by speed and inside the hole and wobbled and spun out. It doesn't matter. I get to play golf for a living. It's a good deal.

Q. How much was the wind -- how much was that a factor into some of these guys finishing?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: It's always a factor. It picked up pretty good there probably on I want to say 12, 11 or 12. It picked up pretty good and made some shots pretty tough. A hot harder on the last few holes. It's always going to be a factor out here because it's never usually in, always cross. That's really tough when you're trying to hit the fairways.

Q. How confident do you feel going into Saturday?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: I feel great. I haven't really played well on the weekend this year. Going to have to play. I haven't really got a chance, you know, to get out there and go do it. I think like my third or fourth cut. There's going to be some nerves and be anxious. I can't wait.

Q. What do you think the difference was today?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Blackhawks. I'm so excited. I can't believe we won the Stanley Cup. I told my boys I wasn't going to be able to sleep on Wednesday night, and I didn't at all. I came out here yesterday morning, and I was like so tired. I'm like, "Oh, well, they won the Cup, it doesn't matter what I shoot." I was so happy.
I've been thinking well. I get to play golf for a living. I'm so blessed to be out here. I'm very happy right now.

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