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June 11, 2010

John Daly


Q. You birdied 17, you birdied 18. Finished the day on a high note. You're still 1-under over. What do you think your chance of making cut are?
JOHN DALY: Going to be close. Hey, I gave myself a shot. A rule a lot of us don't know on 9. I didn't know we couldn't hit the ball -- I thought it was mine, and now you can't actually hit a ball out of the hazard. And if you find out it's the wrong ball, there should be used to be no penalty. Now it's two shots. The first official came up, it's basically almost three shots. I thought I made seven. But the other official said I made six. So it helped a little bit.
I hung in there and, you know, birdied the last two holes. And the wind stays up, hopefully I'll get in.

Q. You do real good. We heard about that. Is there anything you think they should do to change that rule? What's up with that? That's a hard thing to decide when your ball is dug in like that.
JOHN DALY: The only reason I thought it was mine because it was fresh mud. Looked like the pattern where it would have gone in. It was sitting in a pile of grass. I didn't know if we could actually mark the ball and identify it now. But it would have been kind of hard because there's so much mud on it. I couldn't actually take any mud off of it.
I thought I hit a hell of a third shot. I got there and saw No. 4 and I hit the shot, I said, "That's not my ball." We had the rule's official, the shot counted and two more shots. Just a two-shot penalty for hitting the wrong ball out of the hazard.. Then I took my relief and chipped it in.

Q. John, that might have been a turning point for you.
JOHN DALY: I feel like I'm hitting the ball good. Every time I miss the fairway, it's kind of been that way, you know. It's a bad shot. I'm not catching a lot of breaks. You have to stay on key. It comes the other way, I probably made par or birdie. It's the way this course is set up. This course is not easy. The fairways aren't easy to hit. The rough isn't real high, which almost makes it harder because you don't know if ball is going to jump or not jump.
The course is in great shape. It's a tough golf course. I birdied 17 and 18. I hope it gets in. I'm starting to get some confidence in my golf game again. I love the way I'm hitting the ball. I'm starting to roll the ball better. I hope to do better. I'm in some more tournaments the rest of the year.

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