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June 11, 2010

Lee Janzen


Q. Lee, that was solid, 4-under 66. I know the last hole wayward drive got you, but all in all, a good day.
LEE JANZEN: It's a good score, and the wind picked up a little bit. I have failed to get much out of a lot of rounds this year, but last two days I feel like I probably gotten as much out of them as I probably can.
I don't think I've been particularly on ball striking last two days like I have a lot of tournaments this year, but I putted much better the last two days than I have most of the year. That's really good. My putting feels good.

Q. Can you talk about the conditions here, because the scores have been better in the morning rounds, at least for the first day and a half. Can you explain that?
LEE JANZEN: The first group out, the greens are perfect for nine holes. The second nine has the least amount of traffic as opposed to the guys teeing off last. Everybody in the field is going to walk on the greens the last nine. It's a big advantage. I grew up on bermuda greens, so maybe I'm more comfortable reading them. I noticed the guys that don't grow up on bermuda greens, sometimes they get in their head and maybe read too much into the greens. I don't know what it is they're doing, but they really struggled.

Q. We saw you in New Orleans. Are you drawing on experiences like that? Do you feel good about the game right now?
LEE JANZEN: The more times I can be near the lead, the more comfortable I'll be doing it. It was a good experience. I hit the ball really well all week, especially -- it's good to hit good shots coming down the stretch. I have to improve a little bit ball striking the next couple days to do that. Fortunately, I'm putting good.

Q. Are you excited about the weekend?
LEE JANZEN: Sure. Nice to be playing on the weekend. It's just one shot at a time, and we're halfway there and today was a good day. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully it's a good day.

Q. Next week you'll be watching?
LEE JANZEN: I might.

Q. It would be some sort of vindication, wouldn't it make you feel a little bit better about next week?
LEE JANZEN: Probably not. I would enjoy it. Don't get me wrong. It wouldn't really be the pain of not being able to play next week. Next week is a special week.

Q. Mixed feelings for Lee Janzen, a bogey on the last.
LEE JANZEN: I bogeyed the last hole yesterday. It doesn't bother me near as much as it used to. It wasn't a really good tee shot. Last two days, a lot of shots that weren't really good and I recovered from them. I just need to hit a better shot off the tee.
Chipped out and hit a pretty good shot in there and hit a really good putt. I didn't read it the way that I thought it would break. I hit it where I'm trying to hit it. If you're doing that with your putting, usually good things happening.

Q. Forty-nine putts in 36 holes. Pretty strong.
LEE JANZEN: Yeah. Partly because I haven't hit very many greens, but also I've rolled the ball really well, made a lot of par putts and some other longer ones, too. It's been coming along. Been working hard on it. Certainly didn't feel like I was ever putting bad this year. Lot of tournaments I didn't hole any puts.

Q. Talked in the past where you had a couple of good rounds, three out of four rounds in a tournament. How close are you to getting four good rounds?
LEE JANZEN: I hope really close. People have been saying it looks like you're playing better and playing good. I need four rounds in the same tournament. I've been shooting plenty of good rounds. You don't have to have four good rounds or great rounds to win. You just want to keep the ones that maybe are average, maybe sure you're either par or better and doesn't hurt you. Maybe the conditions are tough.
Colonial I played very well tee to green and shot 73, which is usually very frustrating. Then I thought about I played really well, hit a lot of good shots. One or two missed shots, couple of unfortunate breaks. That's the way it goes. Difference between 67 and 73.

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