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June 10, 2010

Shanshan Feng


MODERATOR: Shanshan Feng, 8-under round today. Great round.
MODERATOR: Tell us about it.
SHANSHAN FENG: I had a bogey-free round. It's the only round this year so far, so I'm really happy about it. I made 8 birdies, no eagle, and ten pars. So it's my low round so far this year also, so I'm really happy.
I didn't really make any big mistakes. At the last hole, I didn't have a shot for a second shot, so I chipped it out and I hit a good third shot and then saved a par at the last hole.
So that was a really exciting putt, and then it gave my more confident about the rest of the week.
MODERATOR: So on 18 you said you chipped out. So for the third shot, how long it was the third shot and how long was the putt?
SHANSHAN FENG: It was 101.
MODERATOR: What did you hit?
SHANSHAN FENG: I hit pitching wedge, like a three quarters pitching wedge, because the wind was into me. I thought if I would hit the 52 it would spin too much?
So I hit it, and then it was ten feet, maybe eight feet away from the hole downhill, like sidehill, so it was pretty difficult putt.
I was thinking I didn't want any bogeys to break this perfect round. So I was like I had to make it, and I made it.
MODERATOR: Excellent. What went well today? Did you putt well? Did you hit the ball well? Or just kind of everything?
SHANSHAN FENG: Everything was just fine. Just fine enough to shoot 8-under. I mean, I hit a lot of fairways, a lot greens, and made some putts.
I mean, I'm still a little sorry from yesterday because I didn't make too many putts yesterday in the Pro-Am. I made some today.
MODERATOR: Now playing with Song Hee, she shot 6-under today. Is it easier to play better when you're playing with somebody who's playing well?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I think so, because if you are having like a very strong competitor and then you're trying to compete, you know. You never want to lose.
But I didn't think about her too much. I was playing my game, and I was leading all the time. I mean, I saw it on the scoreboard, but you didn't fear anything because I thought about the tournament is not over yet.
Like leading after the first round doesn't mean that you are going to win the tournament. So I'm still really calm and stay peaceful for the rest of the week.
MODERATOR: Cool. Questions.

Q. I think two years ago your rookie year you had a 63 here on the last day.

Q. I don't know, do you remember anything about that? Because that's still your career best, isn't it, the 63?

Q. When you look back on that, was that a similar kind of round, no bogeys? Do you remember that round the all very well?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I had seven birdies and one eagle. But the difference was I was 2-under on the front nine and 7-under on the back nine. So I had really, really strong back nine except for three pars.
So. I mean, today I had 5-under for the front and 3-under for the back. So I think it was pretty consistent.

Q. What was it about the front nine that made it so attainable, I guess so easy on the front nine, at least for you?
SHANSHAN FENG: Thank you. I was making putts. I was hitting the greens, but I wasn't hitting the ball like too close, like inside five or four feet. I was hitting them to maybe ten or fifteen feet and I was making putts.
So I made three in a row starting at No. 2. So I was 3-under after 4, and then I made another birdie on the Par 5.
I mean, I hit the second shot into the greenside bunker, and then I chipped it out. It was just a feet away, less than a feet away -- a foot away.
And then I hit it to really close on the edge. I hit it to three feet and I made that putt, so that was pretty easy. Three holes, 5-under, front nine.

Q. On 18, your second shot, was in a bunker? Was it up against the fringe there on 18?
SHANSHAN FENG: That was -- it was really close to the fringe, so I didn't have a stand. That was the thing that made my had no shot, so I chipped it out. I used a 52 and a very narrow stance. You know, I just pitch it straight over the bunker. Left it to like 100 shot.

Q. Obviously it looks like maybe the wind is picking up a little bit out there and maybe coming more - is it south? I don't know, given the conditions, I mean, obviously very good conditions when you were out there for the most part...

Q. Do you think maybe your score might hold up today as far as maybe staying in first place?
SHANSHAN FENG: I mean, I don't really care about the first round. Just like I said, it's just the first round. It's not after the fourth round.
If it's after the fourth round I will be really nervous and worried right now. I can't be this calm and talking to you right now. I might be standing by the 18th green watching every group going through.
But, I mean, I really hope I can be in that position after the fourth round. That's what I want to say.

Q. I remember when you were here two years ago and you had the very good final round you had like a little charm or something that belonged to your mother, and you said it was for good luck.
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, it was the ball marker. This year I've changed. You know, I just got it. It's a Chinese flag. It also brought me the luck, you know. So yeah, it's my first time.
I got it from -- I'm sorry, I forgot the guy's name. He's not here. But I got it from a guy that maybe I can tell you later. He's been supporting me for two years, and he makes these markers even for the tournament. You know, all the players, we get markers.
Like maybe the other brand of markers they have flags, but none of them will have Chinese flag. He just made it for me. So I'm really happy, and then I'm wearing it.

Q. I remember people here two years ago asked you about China and the potential for the growth of golf in your country. Over the last two years, what do you see over there as far as potential maybe for more women maybe to be over here in a few years?
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, yeah, I'm sure there will be more. I think maybe after five years should be around ten, I will say. Because like the younger players now, they're all really good.
Maybe like Cindy Feng, she's from China and she's in the U.S. Open. And this is her second time for being in the U.S. Open, and she's only 14, if I don't remember wrong.
And then like couple more of them, so I'm sure they're coming into the tour.

Q. What's her name again?

Q. Same as you?
SHANSHAN FENG: Same in English but different in Chinese.

Q. And she's only 14?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think so.

Q. When you said this is only the first round and a great start, after you come off a really good round like this, do you still have the same routine now? Do you go out and hit balls? What do you do now regardless of how you play?
SHANSHAN FENG: Because my game was pretty good on the course, I didn't have anything that was really bad, so I think I'm going to just do my routine. Like go through all the things, everything a little bit, but not too long.
Because I'm playing - including this one, I'm playing five tournaments in a row. So I want to save a little bit of the energy. So, yeah.

Q. I know your name is Shanshan, but you also have the nickname or American name Jenny.

Q. Do you a lot of your friends know you as Jenny?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I think maybe half and half. Because still some people -- I think Shanshan is pretty easy, but still some people thinks it's a little hard, so I just told them to call my Jenny. It's just to make it a little easier for them.

Q. How did you pick that name? Was it random, or is there a story behind that?
SHANSHAN FENG: When I was maybe 11 or a little younger maybe, I went to like an English class in China. The teacher just gave everyone like an English name, so I just got Jenny.
I thought that was easy. Yeah, it's so easy for anyone, so I just picked Jenny.

Q. J-e-n-n...
MODERATOR: : Are you good?

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