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June 9, 2010

Kendrick Perkins


Q. (Inaudible).
KENDRICK PERKINS: We didn't move the ball as well as we should have. I thought we weren't in the right spots. We didn't cut hard. I thought our defense was pretty good, I just thought offensively we didn't do a great job.

Q. The 50/50 balls you guys talked a lot about, too.
KENDRICK PERKINS: Yeah, they came out and attacked. Everything they did was harder. I thought even when they fouled us, they fouled us harder. One guy would foul, another guy was coming to make sure that we wouldn't get it up. I thought they came out and attacked. I thought Derek Fisher pretty much was the key to the game. I thought not only did he do a great job on Ray, but he had big buckets down the stretch. He just played huge.

Q. Do you guys have to do anything different or make any tweaks or adjustments in how you defend Derek Fisher?
KENDRICK PERKINS: No, we've just got to take him out of the game. I think somebody has just got to put it in their mind that they're going to be a Derek Fisher stopper. Seriously, every time he had a good game, they won. Game 1 he had a pretty good game, and last game he was the most important person, I think, on their team, and they won again.
I feel like we've got to take him out of the game.

Q. You guys have been so good in these situations. What are you expecting from the team in Game 4?
KENDRICK PERKINS: You know, we've just got to be better for 48 minutes. I think we played in spurts, we got down, we spotted them a 17-point lead after jumping out at the beginning of the first quarter pretty good. But they went up 17 between the end of the first and the start of the second, so we've got to do a better job than that.

Q. Are you willing to bet your life savings that Ray are not go 0 for 13 tomorrow?
KENDRICK PERKINS: Yeah, he will not do that. I'm pretty sure he'll have a pretty good game tomorrow. But it happens to everybody. We just keep telling Ray to keep shooting the ball. I know he's going to get shots in today and he'll be ready for tomorrow.

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