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June 8, 2010

Andy Murray


Q. Nice one. How does it feel to be back on the grass?
ANDY MURRAY: It was good. Tough first match. He served very, very well in the first set. I didn't return particularly well.
Yeah, tricky play, not what you expect from a Spaniard coming forward on every point. It was good.

Q. Old-fashioned tennis he plays?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it's nice to see someone serve and volley. I haven't played a serve and volleyer this year. This is the first time, so it was tricky and he did it very well.

Q. By the end of the match, you were seeing the ball big?
ANDY MURRAY: I started returning well and had some good passing shots. You know, that's what grass court tennis is like. Quick reactions, quick reflexes.

Q. You almost lost a set here for the first time in quite a while. Nice passing shot, set point down. Tell us about that.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. No, I tried to -- I played a sort of sharp slice and he came forward. Yeah, it was just kind of instant. He was covering the line and I got a good hit on it.

Q. It was absolutely perfect. A good first match. Looking ahead in the tournament, are you feeling comfortable? Did the grass feel good under the feet?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I saw a lot of the players slipping the first couple of days, you know, in the matches I was watching.
I thought I moved pretty well. It didn't feel too slippery to me. I hit the ball well from back in the court once I got into the rallies.

Q. It's always nice to come back to a place where you've won before. The crowd received you very well, of course. Tough draw though this year, isn't it?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it is tough. It's great for the tournament and for the fans to watch at home. I think they had 7 or 8 of the top 11 players, which is incredible for a tournament of this size and a credit to the tournament director for getting them to come.

Q. You got your match cut on. Busy end of the season. Was that a Monday morning job?
ANDY MURRAY: It was actually 8:30 I had it done. Nice and tight and short for the grass.

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