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June 8, 2010

Joel Quenneville


JAMEY HORAN: First question.

Q. Joel, when Byfuglien plays the way he did in Game 5, obviously that's sort of the best that he brings. Is it possible for a player to play that way consistently, to play that way for 82 games and through the playoffs?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: That's challenging. I know that it requires a lot of energy and a lot of pace to your game. With Buff, consistency is something we try to instill in him and try to reinforce knowing that's a level and a standard we would like him to achieve.
I thought he made progress this year, improvement from last year. But I thought this year's playoff he's taken it to that level we like to see him at. This series I thought he had a first couple of games maybe not the production we would like, but he was playing the way we wanted him to play and needs to play. That last game was exactly what we're looking for.

Q. Coach, young players, when Patrick Sharp was here in Philadelphia, it doesn't always work for them their first stop. Since he's come to Chicago, he's kind of emerged into a leadership role, a veteran role. Can you talk about how you've seen him develop in the time you've been around him and what he means to this team?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Sharpy has been a big part of our team. Leadership, consistency in his game. He's been a top scorer for us. He plays in all situations, PP, PK, regular shifts, versatility, playing on the wing. Got him back at center. We felt we needed more depth in that area. He moved back in the middle for us this year. I thought that filled a big need for us and created top scoring line for us as well.
He's been very successful and consistent in the playoffs. We just like his approach and the options he gives us as a coach as well.

Q. Joel, two-parter if I can: Peter Laviolette encourages his players to dream of the Stanley Cup. To dream of that moment. Where do you stand on something like that? And secondly, did you have an opportunity to spend the day, or whatever it was, with the Stanley Cup when you won it in Colorado?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I did have a day and a summer. I had it in Connecticut. I had a great day. Took it to the Children's Hospital and had a nice party that night. At the same time, you know, the beginning of the question -- what was the first part of the question?

Q. Laviolette encouraging his players to dream of the Stanley Cup.
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think everybody has ways of talking with their team and how we go about it. I think this team here has been very professional as we've gone about it going into the playoffs. I think we look at the short-term picture and try to present our challenges to win one hockey game. We want to even fine-tune it from shift to shift. I think that's our mindset. At the end of it, hopefully we accomplish that goal.

Q. Joel, regarding Troy Brouwer, how did you sense he was handling things when his father was ill? He's playing at the greatest time. Family-wise, things aren't great. How did he handle it and how did you handle it?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Brouwer has been a big part of our team this year. I thought he really improved his game this year. At the same time, even prior to that, he's coming off kind of an injury there. I don't think he had his game back to that level, that pace he was at most of the season.
He missed some games in the playoffs as well. Had to make some decisions as far as lineup changes and some tough decisions we have had to make through this process. Must have been really challenging for him going through -- because of what his dad was going through and his own game.
I like how he kept with it. Very diligent in practice and everything. Got his game, pushed his game, pace of his game as well. Scored a couple of key goals in the first game these playoffs. His minutes sometimes fluctuate from significant minutes to sometimes in single digits.
But he's useful in a lot of ways. We love his size. Watching him today in practice, he looks like whether he's going to play 8 minutes or 15 minutes, you know he's going to bring it.

Q. You talk to everybody and they all have different opinions of what John Madden has brought to this team. Whether it's leadership, face-offs or whatever it is. Can you identify one thing in your mind that's the most important thing John Madden has brought to this team?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think he brings leadership and character. I think that's -- when I think the thing -- the beginning of the season that we're looking for him to instill was we wanted some improvement in our penalty killing. And we really enhanced that immediately with his presence. Be it key face-offs or play in his own end, that leadership particularly at this time has really been noticeable.

Q. Your demeanor has been pretty cool, calm and collected all year. But how are you going to handle these hours going up to what probably is the biggest game of your life?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: It will certainly be -- we try to keep the guys in the same type of focus, knowing that between now and tomorrow, let's make sure we get as much energy in our system over this time here to try to focus on some things that might get your mind off it and put it at ease, knowing that we're going to be ready and hungry at that time. And try to focus that when the game starts and look at the fine-tuning basically shift by shift. Not looking at the big picture. And get your mind off of where it has to be. But between now and then, try to relax and stay cool.

Q. Will you be able to sleep tonight?

Q. Joel, two questions: Are you going to hammer home the point that three teams have lost Game 7s at home in this postseason and you don't want that to slip away. Second question, I know you mentioned status quo for rosters and lineups tomorrow. Do you think about any tweaking because you're back on the road where you were 0-2 in this building and maybe you want to throw another look at them?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We'll see. I think as the game goes or going into the game, I like the way we exited the games with the lines and the strategy for that will be we like to improve off of the level and the intensity and the rotation of all four lines bringing it. I think that's going to be how we want to approach the game. We don't want to look past tomorrow's game. That's our thought process.

Q. Joel, Hossa seemed to have a little difficulty towards the end of the game the other night. I know you kept him off the ice today. What's his status and how important will it be for him to be a part of this game or next two games?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, we're looking at one game at a time. He was resting today. He's fine. I thought he was a big factor. I thought that line was very dangerous last game. I thought he was a big factor why that line had the puck a lot. Maybe not the production that some of the other lines had, but certainly their effectiveness in controlling the play and some offensive zone time was there. I think he adds to that line.

Q. Joel, you've been piling some big minutes all year on Duncan Keith, in this series as well. How impressive is it to be able to pile that kind of minutes at this level on one guy and it seems his play stays pretty solid?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I thought Dunks has played throughout these playoffs and series -- throughout the whole playoffs he's been very consistent. Some nights he absorbs some nights over 30 minutes or up to 30 a lot of days. He seems like he doesn't even get any wear on him. He seems like he doesn't even blow hard when he comes to the bench after some tough shifts.
We like the pace of his game. We like his speed. The last couple of games I thought he was a big factor in our game. And I think particularly last game, I thought he really influenced the way the game was being played. He still doesn't look like he's wearing down or slowing down one bit. That says -- it's a little bit of a testament to his conditioning and how he prepares and takes care of his body.

Q. Kopecky only got into this series because Ladd was hurt. But Ladd came back, and you left Tomas in the lineup. What did he show you in the first two games that said not only he can play, but now he's playing on a line with Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa, two elite players. What have you seen from him and how has he changed what you thought of him previously?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I like Kopey all year long, I think he was patient to get a better opportunity. I thought his game improved and enhanced the end of the season. Got some more quality ice time in certain rounds of this playoffs.
He got quality ice time playing with Sharpy and Hoss. Scored the big goal the first game of this round. And all of a sudden he's -- you got a lot of options with Kopey. I think his patience with the puck, he's got a great shot, he's annoying to play against. He knows where the front of the net is. He's effective in a lot of ways.
I thought that line was useful in a lot of ways the last game. I thought they all brought a little something different to the table. Kopey gives us another forward that is useful in a lot of ways.

Q. Joel, who is your coaching mentor? And have you ever picked up anything from a coach that's in another sport?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Great question. Sitting on the plane with Scotty today, I look up to Scotty every day. It's nice having him around. Bouncing things off and around Scotty and listening to Scotty in a lot of ways. Roger Neilson was the one coach that I have a lot of fondness and appreciation for, having played for Roger when I broke in with the Leafs in my first head coaching job.
Roger was an assistant with us. I learned a lot from him every day in preparation and the things that go about in this business. I know some of the coaches in other businesses that I know a little bit -- Tony La Russa the other day. I got a call from Lovie Smith the other day. And I think everybody is excited about our situation.

Q. Did you happen to see the Chicago Tribune poster of Chris Pronger in a skirt?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I just heard about it.

Q. You didn't see it?
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you, Coach.

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