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June 6, 2010

Marc Warren


Q. Tell us about a great day?
MARC WARREN: Well obviously it was a pretty early alarm call for me this morning! I felt as if I've been playing well the last few weeks but not getting the results for it so I tried to change my mindset a little bit and just focus on my target and swing the club. I think I have been thinking about the target too much recently. I was hitting it good on the range and I thought I'll need to try and do this on the course which I did but I also holed a lot of good putts out there which you obviously need to do to shoot a 63.

Q. You sound very positive?
MARC WARREN: I had a bad day yesterday playing alongside Graeme McDowell who shot seven under and I felt that I was a million miles away from where I needed to be. I was up pretty late last night to be honest, just trying to chill out and watch some TV so I only had about four hours sleep. But I got up this morning and felt okay and just got on with it and I obviously found something that worked.

Q. When did it dawn on you that this might be a special round?
MARC WARREN: I think when I eagled the 15th that was pretty special, I hit a three wood to about six or seven feet there and I knew once I got to that that my fellow Scotsman Stephen Gallacher had carded the course record yesterday so I thought I might have a chance of beating him. I thought if I could battle through the 16th and 17th with a couple of pars I might have a chance if I got a good tee shot away on the 18th. Unfortunately that didn't happen but still gave myself a chance of birdie but unfortunately it didn't go in but it was another good day's work.

Q. Talk us through the 15th?
MARC WARREN: It was pretty calm when I got there because you're sheltered in the trees anyway and it was 266 to the front and I thought if I can hit a good three wood, the flag was front left, even if it was just short it is an easy up and down. But I just flushed the tee shot and it got a good bounce and ran round to about six feet just past the hole. I hit one to 12 feet there the other day and left it right in the jaws so it was good to get one back on the hole today.

Q. I suppose driving the ball into the rough at the last precluded the chance to go for the green?
MARC WARREN: It was in range but the lie I had no way allowed me to get a three or a five wood on to it so I laid up and hit a wedge onto the green to about 35 feet away but it is a tough downhill lie there. I gave myself a chance and the putt just came up about six inches short right in the middle. It was on line all the time and once it got over the brow of the hill I was licking my lips a little bit and starting to think what I was going to say to Stevie Gallacher! But to tie him was nice and I'd have taken that this morning.

Q. What do you think of this as a Ryder Cup course?
MARC WARREN: The last few holes coming in are a natural amphitheatre and if you have 40,000 people along there it will be fantastic. But it is a great venue and the course is in great condition. You just can't see why it won't be a success here.

Q. And your World Cup partner (Colin Montgomerie) must have taken note?
MARC WARREN: Yes, and round this course too, it won't do me any harm. But I think I'll need probably about another 25 of them to get in the team but you never know, stranger things have happened.

Q. And this must give you a boost ahead of Sunningdale tomorrow?
MARC WARREN: Definitely. They are also two golf courses I really like. I have shot okay sort of scores there in the past without breaking through but hopefully this will give me the confidence boost I need to go there and do well.

Q. You'll be keen to get out as quickly as possible?
MARC WARREN: Absolutely, the way I feel now I'd drive down the road now and play this afternoon! As I said, I felt I've been playing well the whole year but just have had no finishes at all to speak of. Hopefully this is the start of something good.

Q. Obviously everybody wants to play in the Open but I presume St Andrews has that extra special appeal?
MARC WARREN: I've never played a Major before and I'd love this one to be my first. The Open at St Andrews is the best venue and it is my favourite golf course and it doesn't get any better than that. I'd just love to be standing on that first tee on Thursday morning with Ivor introducing me. That would be pretty special but there is a long way to go tomorrow.

Q. How did you fare in your amateur career at St Andrews, you must have played there a few times?
MARC WARREN: I think I finished seventh or something like that in the St Andrews Links Trophy in the year the Walker Cup team was picked and I've done well at the Dunhill as well in the past. As I say, it's my favourite golf course and any time you get to play there is an absolute pressure. It would be a nightmare to have to sit and watch it on TV.

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