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June 6, 2010

Ryan Moore


Q. Congratulations on the day. You seemed to have some good final rounds.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. I'm not sure what it is about this golf course. Honestly, I just love it. I love this tournament. It's my favorite tournament all year as far as, you know, our PGA Tour events are concerned.
I always look forward to it so much, that I have a good attitude when I'm out there and play hard and have fun.

Q. Do you have any flashbacks to '07, your final round of 66 here?
RYAN MOORE: Definitely. After I went bogey 10 and doubled 12, I was thinking, all right, it would be nice to make those five birdies in a row like I did in '07.
Unfortunately, that didn't quite happen, but I was able to bounce back, made a few birdies coming down the stretch and almost closed it out with a birdie there on 18.

Q. I imagine it's always kind of nice, start out kind of so-so here and put together a couple of solid rounds and top tens probably.
RYAN MOORE: I think that's one of the things I love about this tournament and this source so much. It's such a fair good test of golf that you can go out and shoot a good score. They're not afraid to let that happen. If the conditions are right, greens roll so good, you can really go and shoot a good score.
But at the same time, you hit it a yard or two off here and there, you're making bogeys and doubles. I think it's a lot like Augusta, you know, in that sense. You can make some birdies, but you've got to put it in the right spots to make the bogeys and doubles, too.

Q. You had a good final round this year at Augusta, too.
RYAN MOORE: I did, yeah. I don't know. I like courses like that.

Q. You had a six straight 1-putts. Some of those, I know, including the double on 12. Six straight greens with the 1-putt. Were there some pretty good ones in that streak?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, there were. I find I putted really solid today. It was probably the first of them -- oh, boy, I don't know where it began.

Q. Count backwards.
RYAN MOORE: I don't know. I made a good nice long one, which was my second birdie of the day, which would have been 6. And that was -- you know, it was a tough pin, hitting 4 iron into that green being into the wind today and put it in the right spot. Just hit a smart shot. Making a putt like that really gives you a boost of momentum. I was able to hit some good shots after that.
Hit a great shot into 8 to about two inches and then a great shot into 9. So there weren't all long putts, but they were putts that I haven't been making. So it was nice to see them go in.

Q. When you think back to today, will you think, man, if it wasn't for 12, what might have been? You know what I mean.
RYAN MOORE: I think Justin's at 17 now. So obviously, finishing higher is better, and I want to be as high as I can. I gave it my best effort. Unfortunately, hit a bad shot at the wrong time on the wrong hole and paid a price for it.
That's how this game works. I was happy that I bounced back and made a few birdies coming in.

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