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June 6, 2010

Joel Quenneville


JAMEY HORAN: Take questions for Coach.

Q. Obviously, lots of talk about switching around lines and who you decide to play with whom. As a coach, do you walk the line between matchups and trying to do what best beats Philly and also try not to mess up a team that got you this far?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, we change the lines last game going into the game. Everybody had a little bit of a different look than in Game 3. Coming out of the game, we kind of changed them again. So we'll look at going into the game, maybe tweaking them a little bit.
But certainly we went along, we didn't change the lineup or the lines based on winning and how we're playing. I think the last couple of games we've always gone along here maybe making some adjustments based on how we're playing or what we like and what we don't like.
But I think we have a lot of options as far as moving guys in and out and around in our lineup. I think tonight we'll look at doing what we think is best.

Q. Joel, just inside the dressing room, Jonathan Toews kind of gave a good assessment of his play, particularly the Final and discussing good and bad games. What's your assessment of him and whether he's -- he's had a lot of pressure in his career. As we all know, done really well with it. What do you sense he's kind of feeling and thinking as he goes further into a series where he would like to be more productive?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Johnny, the bigger the game, the bigger the setting. He seems to rise to the occasion and the challenge. He's always been a key guy for us. A big leader. He responds to the bigger the stage, the bigger the setting. He doesn't say too much. I think he just leads by his actions. How he competes. He's the kind of guy you look for a response.

Q. Joel, Andrew Ladd not out there this morning. What's his status?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: He's playing. Him and Dunks were just resting.

Q. Coach, the other day when Hossa scored, you said people thought, okay he's going to break out. Can you still say that? Is he still close to breaking out, or has he regressed in his offensive game a little bit?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think Hossa has been a big factor. We like his game. Whether he's scoring or not, he's a factor as far as his controlling the play, responsibility, defensively, having the puck offensively, seeing plays.
But I think he's been a threat, and he's been a danger for them to be concerned with; and I think that he's one guy I think that always complements the team game.

Q. Coach, the players talk about just getting that lucky bounce. How do you get the lucky bounce? How do you change the momentum? Is it just working harder?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think we have had some fair opportunities around the net. Some pucks have gone in. We've been a little more generous around our net than we have probably through any stage in the year. I think that's where we have to tighten it up. You have to earn your breaks, and you have to earn your bounces. I think we have to be harder in those areas. I think you get rewarded when you do that.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you, Coach.

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