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June 5, 2010

Tim Petrovic


Q. Petrogolf is working?
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, basically did the same thing I did yesterday. Hit the fairways and greens. Try to keep as boring as possible. But had a few putts that didn't go in today. They were downhill kind of left to right. So I had to be a little careful with them. Really couldn't be too aggressive with them.
Made a couple of really good saves. So I think it balanced out in the end.

Q. Is your swing (indiscernible) on Sunday when you're in contention?
TIM PETROVIC: Oh, big easy two?

Q. That thing is -- yeah.
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, that's -- I've always had that tempo. Rickie's a little quicker tempo. I kind of look the other way when he hits. He swings fast. He walks fast. He talks fast. I've got to kind of slow it down a little bit.
My plan is to kind of try to lull him to sleep over the course of two days. It was working for a while, but he kind of woke up at the end.

Q. We asked about you chasing him the other day. Looks like you'll be doing the same.
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, he's playing great golf. He's playing aggressive golf. It's worked out for him. He really bangs those short putts in there. I did, when I was young. I kind of limp them in a little. They don't quite have as much speed as they did when I was 21. He's having a great week. It's going to be fun tomorrow.

Q. This whole tournament has been multiple delays every day. How much does that take out of you?
TIM PETROVIC: Not too bad. I hope they get this thing in tomorrow. Mother Nature cooperated today. We were able to get the round in, which is really good. We had some fun out there. Some guys were here a lot longer than others. But we got the round in.

Q. Quarter to 9:00 here. When was the last time you were still playing at this hour?
TIM PETROVIC: Probably the British Open maybe, a few years ago. I played 18 holes, and then I went back to the condo and then played some more. I just couldn't get enough golf there, I guess.

Q. You were supposed to tee off in 11 hours ago. Are you exhausted? Were the breaks okay?
TIM PETROVIC: This 43-year-old body is a temple.

Q. Tim, what have you learned over the years about how to treat Sundays when you're in contention? What's your experience taught you?
TIM PETROVIC: Try to keep it as boring as possible. It's basically fairways and greens. Sounds kind of vanilla, but that's what you got to do out here. Fairways and greens. Get that putter in my hand as quickly as I can, and try to make some putts.

Q. You mentioned that Rickie plays kind of a quicker game. Are you serious there, or are you just joking that you have to make yourself slow down a little bit?
TIM PETROVIC: You do. I think Byron Nelson said it one time. He played with quick guys, and sometimes the crowd would even walk fast, and you just had to walk at your own pace.
You start running with the crowd. Then you speed up. And then everything speeds up, and it throws you off a little bit. But no, there's some truth to that.

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