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June 5, 2010

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE: I mean, I've played some good golf today for sure. You know, I really got it going on the back nine. Birdied 4 of the first 5 on the back nine. Unfortunately, made bogeys there.
I don't know if I was a little mentally tired out there. It's been a long day. But made two bogeys on 15 and 16, which you really should be picking up a shot.
Made a couple of pure swings coming down the stretch. That's all I can do. I think Rickie is playing nicely. So it will have to be a pretty low one tomorrow.

Q. With the rain and everything, people were saying the greens were still fairly fast but the fairways were a little sloppy.
JUSTIN ROSE: The fairways hold up really well. The greens were certainly much slower than they were on Thursday. That was an adjustment. I was putting poorly before we came in for the rain delay, but I had the mindset to come out and be a little more aggressive on the greens. Once I went back out there, I actually putted really well. I wouldn't say I hit a bad putt all day after we restarted.

Q. Justin, ready for Sunday? It's going to be kind of exciting.
JUSTIN ROSE: For sure. I would like to have been a couple closer. Rickie's had three solid days. You just never know. Just got to be -- (audio pause). Never know what can happen.

Q. What have you learned over the years about playing on Sunday, psychologically, mentally?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think the more you can treat it as another day, the better you are. That comes with experience. It's hard to do. Sounds easy, but it's hard to do. Just try to detach yourself from the situation and keep playing shot for shot.

Q. There's guys at the top of the leaderboard with not one win. Is it good to be the guy with some experience?
JUSTIN ROSE: Sure it will play on everyone's minds tomorrow for sure. That's why being four back isn't such a bad thing. Go out there and play aggressive. I've got nothing to lose. That will be my mindset tomorrow.

Q. How exhausting was the rain delays? All these rain delays?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's been a long day for sure. Looking forward to turning in, relaxing, getting some dinner. It will be a quick turnaround. It's 20 till 9:00. I can't remember the last time I played golf at 20 till 9:00 in the evening actually.

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