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June 5, 2010

Patrick Kane


Q. Is it kind of important maybe to split you and Johnny up just to force Pronger to pick one or the other?
PATRICK KANE: Yeah, maybe. I've said it all along, with our team we have so much depth that if they're going to key in on any two guys, the other line should be able to have a lot of space and room.
I think sometimes change is healthy. And you can mix things up a bit and hopefully energize guys and get things going with different players. But I think it worked pretty good last game. We will see what happens.

Q. Is it a sign of how tough this Series was? Last Series you guys broke up Thornton's line. Now because of Pronger, maybe you guys will have to be broken up.
PATRICK KANE: Yeah, I think they're doing a pretty good job defensively. I think one of the reasons they're playing so good defensively is they have the puck a lot against us and they are making some plays.
Sometimes it gets you frustrated and you want to get the puck even more. Yeah, it's been -- I think since Game 1, it's been a pretty even Series. That's the way it seems like it's going to finish up. You know, I think home ice is huge, obviously, if we want to put ourselves in really good position to have two games to get a crack at winning the whole thing.

Q. How tough is it to play against Pronger? Can he be intimidating at times?
PATRICK KANE: He's really good with the puck. He makes good passes. He's not just strictly defense. That makes it tough on him. When you're out there against him, he's pretty big. He has a big reach. And he takes up a lot of time and space.
I'm going to give all that credit to the forwards and the way they've been coached as far as how to backcheck and how to play us in the zone off the top. That seems like where we're struggling a little bit, to be honest with you.

Q. You went to the Olympics and fought through that and ended it on a strong note. Can you use that as motivation?
PATRICK KANE: Yeah. I think that's something you can look back on. That was another high level that maybe at the time you are trying to do too much and trying to prove too much.
But I think as time went on, I think you get a little more comfortable with the situation, the big stage. To be honest with you, I think here and there the breaks could have went either way in this Series. You still want to work hard. You want to create your own breaks and create your own chances. It's definitely something I can look back on and try to relate to.

Q. These last two games you have given up a goal right after scoring, and ended up losing. Can you talk about why that happened?
PATRICK KANE: I think it happened twice last game. It's something where we can really improve on, and make sure the shift after we score and after we get scored on are probably the most important shifts, because that's where all the momentum comes from. That's where you can really build yourself.
So it's something we want to look at and make sure we don't give them those chances.

Q. Everybody in this room says it's what we do, why give credit to the other team. How difficult was it -- there were a number of things that weren't quite as good as they needed to be.
PATRICK KANE: It's tough right now. To be honest with you, I thought we actually played a pretty good game, especially in the first period. And then we gave up a couple of breakdowns defensively, and they ended up capitalizing against a team like this that has a lot of depth, a lot of offense. Some really good offensive players. You really can't do that.
So it's something you can improve on. Like we said all year, it's more about us and more how we want to play. And if we worry about that, it should take care of things.

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