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June 5, 2010

Patrick Sharp


Q. Home team -- doesn't matter if you are the home team in these Playoffs. Why all of a sudden in the Finals does it matter?
PATRICK SHARP: I think it always matters. Teams are comfortable playing at home. 105, been a lot of games this year. I think there's a general feeling that teams are more comfortable playing in their home building and taking advantage of that.
We've got at least two more here at the United Center. We want to make sure we play well in Game 5.

Q. You guys juggled a lot in the third period. It seemed to bring more to your group. Do you expect that again?
PATRICK SHARP: Joel has a good feel for the game. He knows at certain times who is playing well and who might not be. He likes to mix and match and find different combinations. I thought last game it brought some energy to the team and it battled back in the third. We'll leave it up to the coach.

Q. Might it be important to split up Patrick and Jonathan to free one of them up from Chris?
PATRICK SHARP: They're good players, and Pronger is doing a good job. It's a decision that he'll make and we trust he'll make the right one. They're going to keep playing hard, Patrick and Jonathan.

Q. Is anything from the other side surprised you in any of the four games?
PATRICK SHARP: Not really. They're a good team. They're very deep. They don't give you much defensively. They seem to plug things up and they do a good job of obstructing and getting in your way in your line with the puck.
Their goaltender has been solid as well, and their special teams are great. They are what we expect them to be. It's going to be a tough Series.

Q. What was most disappointing, the penalties, shifts after goals? Their forecheck? What's the main focus?
PATRICK SHARP: Just winning games. We can break it down however you want. They've scored some big goals, had some good shifts right after we scored. That's been a concern. You look at the whole game, every game is a one-goal game. I know they have the empty net there.
It's going to be close, and it's going to be a game, a Series that is defined by who wants it more.

Q. How intimidating can Pronger be?
PATRICK SHARP: He's a good player. He's one of the best of all time, I guess you can say. He has managed to do it in the old rules before the lock-out. He has complained his game a little bit and still be a dominant defenseman today. As far as intimidating, I don't know if he's intimidating anymore. He's just a good player out there.

Q. (Question off Microphone).
PATRICK SHARP: Well, you can draw some more penalties by working hard and going to those dirty areas and there's going to be lots of whacks and slashing and cross-checking and all that stuff.
I think it's important to stay disciplined and realize there's something bigger on the line.

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