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June 5, 2010

Kris Versteeg


Q. Are you surprised by the number of goals they score in those four games?
KRIS VERSTEEG: No, I think both teams have a lot of offense. Like I said yesterday, two shitty bounces ain't goes in our net.
That doesn't work out for us. We deserve a bounce here. We're going to work hard and we're going to earn it.

Q. Kris, the penalties what's the difference between acceptable penalty and the penalty that (Indiscernible)?
KRIS VERSTEEG: Well, yeah, there's -- sometimes you go over the line and you don't mean to. They are calling what they see. We have to go out there and we have to battle and work hard and really move our feet and draw penalties that way.

Q. If Joel was upset about anything after last night's game, what would it be? Penalties? Something else? Defensive zones?
KRIS VERSTEEG: Maybe the penalties here and there sometimes not trying to be careless, but sometimes it is a careless penalty. We have to be smarter with our sticks and keep them on the ice and have good positioning.

Q. They play on the edge a lot. Do you feel that's maybe one of the big difference right now is their smart about it or I don't know if they got the calls more than anybody else? Can your team be smarter about that?
KRIS VERSTEEG: Yeah, I think we can be a bit smarter. We have to go out there and play our game and work the puck down low and draw penalties that way. I think we can bring our intensity level up and we're going to have to do that tomorrow night.

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