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June 5, 2010

Andrew Ladd


Q. You seemed to have your speed and be able to do a lot more than many expected.
ANDREW LADD: Yeah, it was fun to get back in there, get in that atmosphere and be a part of it. So I just tried to play my game.

Q. Did you feel limited all the?
ANDREW LADD: No, I felt good. I felt more comfortable with the pace as the game went on. Towards the end I think it's more effective.

Q. Tough at all to get dropped into a Series like that?
ANDREW LADD: It was fun. Tough sitting out definitely. It's never fun watching, especially this time of year. I was glad to get back.

Q. How about major line changes tomorrow and finish the game different and things like that?
ANDREW LADD: No, I expect the way we play and the way we're going to battle and the intensity to be a lot better than it was last game. I think that's to be our main focus.

Q. Does it matter who you guys play with? You seemed to have success when you juggled things up in the third period yesterday?
ANDREW LADD: Yeah, but I think that message was to get guys going and get that intensity back. I don't think it matters who you are playing with. You have to -- especially this time of year, you're in the Stanley Cup Finals, you have to have that.

Q. If it worked, wouldn't it make sense to start with it tomorrow?
ANDREW LADD: Yeah, I guess. We'll see what Joel comes up with tomorrow and go from there.

Q. Is it important at all to split up Toews and Kane to get one of them away from Pronger?
ANDREW LADD: I'm sure that's an option. We have a lot of guys in Hoss and Sharp, and a lot of weapons they have to contest with. We can split them up and get one of them or two of them away from Pronger that's a good thing.

Q. How intimidating can he be?
ANDREW LADD: I don't know if he's intimidating. He's a good player. Plays really well. Plays well, hard to play against.
But at the same time, we have to be harder on him and make it tougher on him to get to the areas and go back and get the puck.

Q. You guys had another moment in Game 4 where you gave up a goal quickly after scoring a goal. That's happened twice now. Can you talk a little about the shift after the goal situation?
ANDREW LADD: Those are big shifts. We always talk about those shifts last minute of a period and first minute of a period as being shifts you want to come out hard and play well. It's happened a couple of times where they've regained the momentum quick. We have to kind of nip that in the bud and have a lot more attention to detail.

Q. Big mental challenge tomorrow night. You lost two in a row. 2-2. To regain this thing?
ANDREW LADD: I don't know if it's mental challenge. I think it's a wake-up call for everyone here that we have to be a lot better. We're confident that we can get back to the way we were playing probably a little more in the last Series where we were skating and battling a lot harder.

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