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June 5, 2010

Brent Sopel


Q. That's the first time Antti Niemi has lost back-to-back games in these Playoffs. What can you tell us about his demeanor and why you guys have so much confidence going into tomorrow's game.
BRENT SOPEL: He's played well for us all year long. He goes out every night, every day in practice. He's a warrior out there for us. He's a great individual. Like I said, he's played well all year and battled hard. So we're not worried at all. He played well. We left him high and dry as a defenseman.

Q. The flight home did you get together this morning? I know you guys give credit to the Flyers, tip your hat to them. It's always what will you guys do. Were there too many things that need to be better at this stage last night?
BRENT SOPEL: Yeah, we made, obviously, in the first period we had a pretty good period going along. We had a few mistakes. Give them credit. They capitalized on them. Obviously, we don't make those mistakes. Obviously, it could be a different game. Obviously, look at a lot of things today. We talked about a few things. We have to focus on the way we need to play.

Q. Was the urgency level in the first and second period where it needed to be last night?
BRENT SOPEL: No, there was lot of battle that is we lost. This time of year you can't lose those battles. Going into tomorrow we have to be stronger in that area.

Q. It's going to be pretty pressure-packed tomorrow night. What do you need from your fans?
BRENT SOPEL: We know they're going to be here, screaming and yelling. And that's all we need. It's always nice to come back to your own building when you have 23,000 screaming for you and not against you.
So we know what they're going to bring. We're excited.

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