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June 5, 2010

Thomas Bjorn


Q. You told us yesterday you were trying to build a score on the two of course and not force one, was that difficult when you made ten pars in a row when everybody else was making birdies.
THOMAS BJÖRN: That was the only thing on my mind, just stay with it, you're going to get a few chances. Just stick with it and I made a good birdie on 11 and great shot into 12 and all of a sudden you feel like, the plan is working and you just have to stick with it.
These golf courses can come and bite you very quickly so I tried early onto get into the round. I didn't drive the ball particularly well so I'm quite pleased to come out with a round like this, no bogeys, three birdies and you've got to be happy with days like that.

Q. How nice is it to have the competitive juices flowing again, it's been a while?
THOMAS BJÖRN: It's nice. I was a lot more calm today than I probably thought I would be, so that was nice. I felt like I could control my emotions out there, and didn't swing the club particularly well but still stuck with it and feel like I turned a good day out here.
It's a pretty tricky golf course, so when you can go out and feel like you're not playing particularly well and still shoot 68, you've got to take that, because that's what good players do and that's what I used to do and that's what I've been struggling with.

Q. How much were you looking forward to tomorrow?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I'll just finish this day off, go to the range and concentrate on preparing for tomorrow and then tomorrow morning we'll start concentrating about tomorrow.

Q. Is that the archetypal patient round?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yes, it is. I got out there, I didn't play particularly well, but just kept making pars, didn't make any mistakes. That's very important on this golf course that you don't make big mistakes because it's difficult to catch it up. I didn't make any mistakes and stuck with it, and all of a sudden, a few birdies happened and you know, you turned a day where you didn't play particularly well into a good score anyway.

Q. And you don't get concerned when you hear that other players have shot 63,64, that sort of score?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Not really. You know it's going to happen when you come to a Saturday and people that's just made the cut are a little bit further down are going to go out and play aggressive golf. There's going to be one or two always that shoots low numbers and shoots themselves up the leaderboard. You're used to it and stick with it and just try to produce your own good score and any time you can shoot 2-, 3-, 4-under par, you know that that's not going to be happening too much to you; you're not going to make any damage.

Q. By my reckoning, the last time you shot three round in the 60s back-to-back was The Italian Open last year?
THOMAS BJÖRN: It probably is. I don't really look at it, but it's certainly nice to do it here and I feel comfortable with what I'm doing. Felt more comfortable than I would on the golf course today, so I'm happy with where I am and now we just need to prepare for tomorrow and go home and have a good night's rest.

Q. But the point being that it's been nice to get that consistency that's been missing for a while?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Definitely, but I'm just getting things going the right way and there are a few little breaks going my way and that's a sign of things turning around slowly; that when you're playing poorly, you also feel like you're the unluckiest man in the world and now I feel like things are just trickling my way a little bit, and so I'm happy with that.

Q. Will you relish the final day in the way that you always used to?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Definitely. When you're down and you're not feeling great, that's all you want to do is just to get in those situations. So there's no point not enjoying being in that situation tomorrow, but what the golf is going to be like, you never know but I'm going to go and try to prepare myself for it and try and do as well as I can.

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