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June 5, 2010

Kendrick Perkins


KENDRICK PERKINS: There are things that we need to correct and stuff like that. You know, it'll be a better situation and a better game plan for us tomorrow. We've just got to go out there and play better tomorrow.

Q. You guys talk about being aggressive. What plays are you pointing to when you watch film and as you guys practice?
KENDRICK PERKINS: Just I don't think we attacked the basket. I think we shot a lot of jump shots. We settled a lot. I thought we didn't have -- we weren't making an extra pass on the offensive end. And defensively we've got to do boxes and elbows. We've got to make them take contested jump shots.

Q. (Inaudible).
KENDRICK PERKINS: You know, when you lose, you kind of reevaluate yourself just personally. I went back and I watched the film. I saw a couple times I could have been there to help on defense, block a few shots, grab a few rebounds, offensively and defensively rebounds, but I felt I could get better in a whole lot of ways.

Q. How much does it come down to, as a player and as a individual -- I know it's a team game, but --
KENDRICK PERKINS: Yeah, you've got to come in individually first. Doc said that we've got to take the individual match-ups first and then the team match-up as far as defensively. But I think these guys, it always comes down to having heart and playing hard. I think we've got to play with more passion and we've got to play with more help, and we'll be all right.

Q. Is it a matter of turning it around quicker instead of being on your heels?
KENDRICK PERKINS: Well, I think we've got to come back with some -- like we have something to prove. I think we've got to come back with the mindset that we're going to attack and our back is against the wall. I think it's a must-win situation for us. I think at least we need to come out with a split. So we've got to do everything in our power to get this game tomorrow.

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