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June 4, 2010

Joel Quenneville


Flyers – 5
Blackhawks - 3

JAMEY HORAN: First question.

Q. Coach, some strong similarities tonight in the way your team came back and the way the Flyers came back in Game 2 at the very end. You almost tied it up. They almost tied it up. Were you impressed with your team's gutsy performance there?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We battled all game. I thought we were very generous in the first period on what we gave them as far as goals went. We have to be smart and more composed in the discipline area as well.

Q. Coach, what did you see out of Niklas Hjalmarsson' game tonight?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Tough start certainly. A couple of plays there you would like to have back. You have to like and commend the kid on how he's competed all year and how he plays. Some nights some tough things can happen.
But his character and his perseverance is what we look for. We look for him to bounce right back.

Q. Coach, for the first couple of games it seemed like you guys dictated the pace. For the last two games seems like the Flyers have the majority of the game. What do you think has contributed to that game?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: You can argue that one tonight. I know we're playing catch-up the whole game. I still thought you look at how we played from the catch-up standpoint, I still thought we were competitive. We were in the game. I don't know who was controlling, but they obviously had the lead.
So they were dictating a little bit more than we would like. Certainly the goals were all type of goals we don't generally give up. I thought they came rather easily. That's one of our strengths of our team. We have to make them make plays to score goals.

Q. Coach, kind of piggy backing off that last question, even though you lost the last game, can you draw any sort of momentum after the way you finished strong in the third period and dictated the pace?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We're excited with going back home. I know the Series is wide open. It's even. We get to go home. We have to take advantage of home ice. We played well there all year. As we progress in these Playoffs as well, I just know momentum is an important thing for to us grab early at home. I still think we have to be smart, disciplined and make them play defense.

Q. Joel, what went into your thinking, you shuffled the lines there in the second and third. Why did you have certain guys with certain guys -- any reason to that?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Sometimes you try to mix it up a little bit, whether it's a matchup or get some energy going in the lines. We didn't like some things. Sometimes you try some things. I thought the energy came.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you, Coach.

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