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June 4, 2010

Joel Quenneville


Q. Joel, you guys have been so good in games following losses. Just wondering why you think that is?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: We like the response our team generally has. The personality that we have. We're not happy about losing. Whether it's adjustments or we have to be harder to play against, it's kind of our mindset. That's what we're looking for today.

Q. Joel, Andrew Ladd, yay, nay?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: Game time decision on Laddy.

Q. Secondly, third period last few games you've been outshot by a wide margin. Any sense of why it's happened that way?
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think the first game we were protecting the lead, and I think maybe we were content just trying to hold off to the end. Antti preserved the game for us. Last game giving up that goal right away we lost a lot of momentum at it and didn't get it back in the game, still had a couple of chances after that in the third and overtime.
But it was a close game and it was competitive one. But we need to be better, particularly in the third.

Q. Joel, Brent Sopel has changed his game quite a bit since his Vancouver days. I wonder if you ever talk to Marc Crawford about his evolution as a shot blocker, penalty killer now.
COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think Sopes has nice variation in his game. I think right now he's getting recognized as a penalty killer, defensive-type player, shot blocker. Had a real big Series started in the Nashville Series. Progressed in each and every round here. He's absorbing more minutes, more responsibility as we've gone along.
His experience and his positioning always being strong. Anticipation around the net has been very good. I think that I remember back in those days watching him as a defenseman, more offensive flare to his game. I think he still has the ability to make and see plays in his gap. He scored a big goal for us last game as well. I think around the net his thought process is very high end.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you, Coach.

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