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June 4, 2010

Chris Wood


Q. Thoughts on the day?
CHRIS WOOD: I had a couple of really, really bad shots that cost me two doubles. But hit a lovely shot into 17, and obviously poor short game skills, but just very disappointing again.

Q. Is there anything that you can learn from today? Obviously yesterday you were on the crest of a wave; did you think there was a 76 around the corner today?
CHRIS WOOD: Not at all. It's obviously a lot tougher today. The wind was a lot stronger. We didn't have any wind yesterday. So the course probably played one or two shots harder today, but not nine whatever or 11 shots.

Q. 2-under after the first three holes; it was pretty serene, wasn't it?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I was playing nicely and just hit the wrong club into the fifth hole, wrong shot into there, just got up in the wind. Just never had a chance really. It was the wrong shot to play.
And, yeah, from there on, really, hit quite a few putts, left them a foot or two short, right in the middle, and yeah, when you're not making birdies, if you are dropping shots, you fall a long way back.

Q. The main thing is nobody is running away with this; Luke Donald started at 111th, and he's now in the top 20. That would be the one thing that you do take away from that, one good round to bring you back into contention again.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, that's one thing. Slightly annoying though still. To think after 11 or 12 holes today, I was still playing fairly solidly and just complete concentration lapse on the 12th tee.

Q. 12 or 13?
CHRIS WOOD: The par 3, whatever it is, 13. It cost me a couple of shots in from there, really.

Q. I suppose if you are going to have a bad round, after a record-equalling score yesterday, this is the day to have it perhaps.
CHRIS WOOD: There's never a good day to have a bad round, but yeah, don't think there's ever a day for a bad round when you're trying to win a tournament, not at all.

Q. See how you bounce back.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, play well the rest of the way, you never know.

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